Prague 3 days: where to go in Prague

Prague 3 days

Prague 3 days

Czechs believe that every building in their capitalIt is a work of architectural art. So whether it is easy to check by going to Prague for 3 days and plan inspection of major attractions in advance.

Preserve history

UNESCO included several areas of the Czech capital in the list of World Cultural Heritage. The first line among the sights of Prague in the historical registries have taken:

  • Market and Old Town Square, whereFifteen hectares are located a plurality of facades of buildings, erected in various architectural styles. Dominant of the square - Town Hall, built in the early XV century. Its astronomical clock - the subject of delight every tourist.
  • Tyn Church, founded in the XI century and built in accordance with all the principles of Gothic. He is considered the spiritual center of the old town.
  • Monument to Jan Hus - Czech national hero, reformer and preacher.
  • Prague Castle - the castle, which is larger than theall other dimensions of the locks in the world. Its main pearl - St. Vitus Cathedral, founded in the tenth century and only unfinished in the last century. Status of the cathedral - the cathedral church of the Czech capital, and cultural and historical value of the buildings, you can imagine being in its majestic walls. As part of the tour "Prague for 3 days" St. Vitus Cathedral has to be one of the mandatory items.
  • Numerous other churches in Prague, for example,Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord. History of the Basilica of existence has not even a hundred years, but some architects and critics make it into the list of the most spectacular buildings in the history of mankind.

Museums and theaters

Number of Prague museums and theater stagesI stepped over for many tens, and because in Prague for 3 days for a chance to visit a few of them. The National Theatre, built in 1881 in neo-Renaissance style, considered to be the most popular operas of Smetana, and in the gallery "Rudolfinium" - concerts of the Czech Symphony Orchestra.
In the old city there are more than a hundredmuseums, whose exposition is dedicated to all the manifold aspects of human life. The oldest and most popular collections owned by museums and composers Smetana Dvorzheka, artist Mucha and writers Kafka and Hasek.

A glass of foamy

And Prague for 3 days - a tasting setsvarieties of the most popular drink in the country. Czech beer - a brand and taste its best grades possible in any local restaurant. However, the notion of "best" on Czech beer does not apply, because each of its kind prepared with much love and professionalism.

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  • Prague 3 days
  • Prague 3 days

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