Excursions in Prague. Sightseeing tours of Prague

Tours in Prague

Tours in Prague

Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic, which allows to understand thatIt is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. All excursions in Prague differ exciting program. So, what is offered to tourists? What sights worthy of attention?

Sightseeing tour

While exploring Prague you can visitOld, Hebrew and the New Town, to see Hradcany and Prague Castle. The mandatory program of excursions included familiarity with the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Charles University, Estates and the National Theatre. You can find out what is a city in modern times, and what is its history. The guide will tell necessarily interesting legends that will understand why Prague is considered a mysterious town. You will have the opportunity to hear the story of the construction of palaces and churches and many other famous sites. Sightseeing tours in Prague allow tourists to see where they need to go, and that deserves their attention.

Special sightseeing tours in Prague

  • Sweet Prague. The tour is an individual. By choosing this option, you can visit the best local cafe, take a walk on the wonderful banks of the Vltava, and even feed the swans. Without a doubt, this pastime will feel how beautiful this city.
  • Old and New Town. This tour is included in the review program cycle, but lets 3:00 dedicate free time to get acquainted with one of the most interesting areas of the city. You can see the old architecture and understand what is the famous Prague. It is from this region began active development of the city. You can see the sights of different epochs and styles in every street!
  • Prague Castle and Hradcany. You want to go back to many years ago? You will be given the opportunity! The first Hradcany palace servants lived nobility. However, in 1541 there was a fire, after which the rich and noble citizens began to explore the area. Now, Prague Castle Hradcany and allow to imagine what life was like many years ago in Prague.
  • Beer tasting. Prague is famous for its tasty beer. You want to try it? In this case, sign up for tasting, which will last for only one hour. Take the opportunity to try the seven local beers, each of which reveals a wonderful taste.
  • Mystical Prague. Prague is a city of mystical ... You can find wonderful legends and stories, listen to mysterious stories. For example, in the XIV century, the town had seven churches, which formed four triangles. This triangles symbolize the elements: fire, water, earth and air. Would you like to know why the Prague was divided into 12 segments? In this case, you have to go on an excursion "Mystical Prague".

You can spend a memorable time in Prague!

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  • Tours in Prague
  • Tours in Prague
  • Tours in Prague

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