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Tours in Prague

Tours in Prague

The coat of arms of the Czech capital magnificent white lionswith golden crowns supported on both sides of the old medieval castle. In this - the whole of Prague: majestic and beautiful, carefully preserving their homes and the area, welcoming and inimitable. Talk about the magnificence of the Czech capital does not make sense, and things to do in Prague - a much better way to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

Briefly about the importance

  • It is believed that the capital of the Czech Republic is beautiful at anytime of year, but experienced travelers are advised to visit there in the fall. Gold paint leaf fall, blue sky and a pleasant warmth make the trip comfortable and memorable. The air temperature in October in Prague reaches 20 degrees and the dry weather allows commemorative photo was particularly bright and beautiful.
  • The historic center of the Czech capital is fullyincluded in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. When planning trips to Prague, it is important to think about comfortable shoes, because the walk will have a lot. Transport in the city center may simply be unnecessary, because love is worthy of every house or street.
  • For trips around town over long distancesmost suitable Prague metro and tram routes may become full excursion. On Petrin Hill, where the tower was built, like the Eiffel, can be reached by cable car. From there, great views of the Czech capital.
  • Hotels in Prague opened in large numbers anda variety of price ranges. The price of accommodation on the area where the hotel is located, not too dependent, and because it is a pleasant room rates can be found in the city center.
  • Fans of different arts can be timed toursto Prague in time for here one of many different festivals. The most famous among the music - "Prague Spring" and the "Prague Autumn". The enormous interest the activities of the World Festival of Gypsy art and the International Organ Festival.
  • In the capital of the Czech Republic we lived many talented people, and here today opened a museum dedicated to the works of Mozart and Smetana, Dvorak and Hasek, Kafka and Mucha.

The pearl of European Gothic

The architectural dominant of Prague is rightly consideredSt. Vitus Cathedral. This magnificent building was laid in 925 and now has a status of a cathedral. No tour to Prague is complete without a trip to the Prague Castle, where the cathedral. In the church are kept the Crown Jewels of Czech kings, and they are buried in the aisles of the cathedral.

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  • Tours in Prague
  • Tours in Prague

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