How to fly from Karlovy Vary to Moscow? Time of flight Karlovy Vary - Moscow

How to fly from Karlovy Vary to Moscow?

How to fly from Karlovy Vary to Moscow?

On vacation in Karlovy Vary, you could standon the viewing platform, heal through the waters of the hot springs, visit the pedestrian walks in Carlsbad forests, go to the Svatoš rocks and Angelic hill with the ruins of a Gothic castle, to spend time in night clubs "Lady Marion" or "The Imperial" and the heated pool "Thermal "with sauna and fitness center, walk in the park Dvořák gardens, visit the Museum of glass" Moser "and Jan Becher Museum? And now you need to go to Moscow?

How to fly from Karlovy Vary to Moscow (direct flight)?

Having overcome the 1700 km from Karlovy Vary to Moscow, you are going to stay in the air for 2.5 hours. Home will help you get back "Czech Airlines" (to "Sheremetyevo-F" this airline will take you 2 hours 35 minutes).

The cost of the ticket Karlovy Vary - Moscow can be found at the box office: the price of this area starts from 21300 rubles (price reduction is typical for September and October).

Connection Flight Karlovy Vary - Moscow

Docking may be accomplished in Arkhangelsk,Samara, Perm, Prague or other cities. "Czech Airlines" will prompt you to make a stop in Prague, bringing your airline trip is delayed for 26.5 hours (before boarding the plane for 2 you will have to reserve 22.5 hours). If the path will pass through St. Petersburg ( "Aeroflot"), you will find yourself at home after 24 hours (break between flights - 18.5 hours), and if in Samara ( "Czech Airlines", "Utair") - after 12 hours ( on board the aircraft you have to spend 6.5 hours).

Choose a carrier

The following carriers deliver their customersMoscow, asking them to climb aboard the Airbus A 319, Boeing 737, Airbus A 320 airliner or another: "Czech Airlines"; "Aeroflot"; "STC Russia"; "S7 Airlines".

Departures on the route Karlovy Vary - Moscowmade from Karlovy Vary (KLV) airport - it is 4 km from the resort (take bus number 8). Here you will be able to make financial transactions at ATMs, currency exchange and pack the luggage in the relevant paragraphs, satisfy your hunger in cafes and restaurants, to get everything you need in a vast dutyfree-zone (cigars and cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, confectionery, etc.), buy or swap ticket handling the cashier airlines "Czech airlines".

What to do in an airplane?

During the flight is to determine the souvenirs(Alcoholic drink "Becherovka", sippy cups - mugs with curved noses, stone roses, Carlsbad cosmetics with added herbal extracts and healing mineral water, glassware and crystal, silver, gold and jewelry from Czech garnet, Karlovy Vary wafers - wafers, mineral water "Mattoni"), purchased in Karlovy Vary - or rather, what would give relatives and friends.


  • How to fly from Karlovy Vary to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Karlovy Vary to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Karlovy Vary to Moscow?

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