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Independent travel to Karlovy Vary

Independent travel to Karlovy Vary

For several centuries the mostthe famous Czech spa treats its visitors not only the healing waters of the Carlsbad springs, but also welcoming attitude, comfort and excellent cultural and entertainment program. No wonder the "rest on the waters" loved and loved by many generations of Europeans.

When to go to Karlovy Vary?

The best time for a trip to Karlovy Vary, of course,summer. There is not too hot, and so vacation at the resort, and is suitable for couples with children, travelers and the "golden" age. However, and in the treatment of winter here has its advantages - hotels significantly reduce prices for accommodation and procedures due to the absence of a large number of guests.

How to get to Karlovy Vary?

Airport Karlovy Vary hosts a variety of flights, including international ones. The city can be reached by bus or taxi. Travel time is not more than 20 minutes.


Hotels in Carlsbad - a hugevariety of prices, conditions and the options included. There is One, only one - a high level of service and caring attitude to every guest. That's why even chose a modest family-run hotel, tourists can count on the helpful staff and ideal living conditions.

Argue about taste

Czech cuisine - the basis of Carlsbad menurestaurants and cafes. Gourmet is a real paradise, with the quality of food served depends little on the status of the institution. After dinner is to order a glass of the famous "Becherovka", which is called here "the fourteenth mineral spring".

Cognitive and exciting

The main attraction of the resort - itmineral springs. In Karlovy Vary you can get rid of a whole bunch of diseases, to strengthen general condition, lose weight and prettier, cleanse the body of toxins. As the cultural program of the main Czech spa offers a walk through the beautiful surroundings, excursions by Angelic mountain where the ruins of a medieval fortress, and the trip to the capital of the country - the ancient and eternally young Prague.
Excellent opportunity to have fun - this visitone of the many festivals held in the Carlsbad earth. In summer it hosts music festival of classical music, which sound works by Mozart, performed folk festival and jazz festival launched in the autumn. The guests and participants of the event are international celebrities and local talent.

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