Prices in Carlsbad - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take in Karlovy Vary

Prices in Carlsbad

Prices in Carlsbad

Among the best are the Czech spas of Karlovy Vary. This place is removed in the nation's capital to 120 km. The resort is considered to be curative, as there are many mineral springs, hospitals and health centers. Prices in Carlsbad acceptable compared to other health resorts. The cost of treatments available for people with different income levels. It actively go pensioners, as the treatment prices are low.

How much is a trip to Karlovy Vary

In the boarding houses and sanatoriums resort vacationersprovide quality recreation. The procedures selected individually there. Start in Karlovy Vary with the departure of the Russian capital costs about 25- 35 thousand rubles a week. Low season is from the end of November to February. During this period, a small town looks charming, although not as attractive as in the summer. Prices for winter treatment 1.5-2 times lower than in other seasons. If you are interested in high-quality spa treatments, use this opportunity. For little money you get a full range of health services. Before the trip is recommended to be tested and consult a doctor. The specialist will tell you if your body is suitable therapeutic vacation in Carlsbad.
Some clinics prescribed procedurespatients who live outside of the hotel. They visit a clinic at a certain time. The most expensive cost accommodation in prestigious hotels with additional services. It is much cheaper to live in the apartments (apartments, specially designed for tourists). Two- and three-bedroom apartments in the city center cost from 35 euros per night. Removing an apartment in Karlovy Vary, campers feel more free, since they are not tied to the daily routine, in motels or hotels. For an additional payment the apartment owners can clean up the premises and provide residents with food.

Meals in Carlsbad

Within the city, there are restaurants thatThey offer cheap and tasty meals. So book a place in the hotel food is not necessary. Tourists can rent a self-catering apartments. This option is suitable for those who want to prepare their own meals. Prices in Carlsbad on products is lower than in Russia.

Entertainment in Carlsbad

In addition to improving procedures vacationersvisit the resort's attractions. Purchasing tour to the Czech Republic, you can visit other cities of the country. In Karlovy Vary there are tour operators who offer tours in Austria, Germany, France and other countries. Attractions you can visit on your own, if you rent a car. Sightseeing tour of Karlovy Vary is not less than 40 euros.


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