Taxis in Carlsbad - price, order. How much is a taxi in Carlsbad

Taxis in Carlsbad

Taxis in Carlsbad

Taxis in Carlsbad represented cars,equipped meters (at the end of the trip, passengers receive from the driver's receipt of travel). In addition, they you will see the inscription "Taxi", registration number, name of the carrier company, price list with prices.

Taxi services in Karlovy Vary

To stop a taxi on the street, you just need topull the arm forward. And if you want the machine for free, you can go to specialized site (they are located in popular tourist spots and close to shopping centers).

To request a feed of the machine, it is necessary to call in a well-known taxi companies:

  • Georgia Taxi Karlovy Vary (in addition to a large parkcars coming to the call within 10 minutes, at the disposal of this company are vans and luxury limousines) 14 014 353 223 020, 606 605 605.
  • Karlsbad Travel (the company is dominated by "Mercedes" in the taxi park and local drivers speak English, German and Russian languages): + 420 602 160 560.
  • A Centrum Taxi: + 420 353 223 236, + 420 353 223 000. This service provides taxi services (drivers have basic knowledge of Russian and English) not only in Karlovy Vary, but also delivers passengers to other Czech cities and even outside the Czech Republic. In addition, this company is engaged in cargo transportation, helping its customers to transport, such as furniture or electronics.
  • Taxi Willy: + 420 353 221 040.

Council: better to call a taxi by yourself, because resorting to the services of employees of hotels and restaurants, you pay the fare is much more as to attract customers, they receive a commission from the taxi services.

The cost of a taxi in Carlsbad

All those who are interested, how much is a taxi in Karlovy Vary, will be able to answer this question after reading the following type of information on tariffs:

  • passengers boarding costs at 30-40 crowns and 1 kilometers - in the 17-25 crowns;
  • 1 minute of waiting passengers is paid at a rate of 5-6 CZK.

To get from the airport to the center of Karlovy Vary you can take a taxi for about 500 CZK.

Before you hit the road, it is necessary to ensurethat the driver is not only included, but also reset the counter after the trip, perfect other passengers up to you (in spite of the fact that the machines have a counter, the cost of travel it is advisable to know in advance, and that the driver did not try to trick you, tell him that you intend to receive at the end of the path a receipt).

If your goal - to get in the shortest time toanywhere in the city and beyond, you should definitely use the services of a taxi Carlsbad (you do not have to follow the schedule of public transport).

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  • Taxis in Carlsbad
  • Taxis in Carlsbad

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