Culture Czech Republic: tradition, especially

Culture of the Czech Republic

Culture of the Czech Republic

One of the most popular tourist destination countries of the OldLight, Czech Republic attracts fans and exploring the medieval streets, and fans to visit museum exhibitions of world size. And the culture of the Czech Republic - is its old castles and delicate bridges, classical music and puppet theater, delicious beer and regional cuisine.

The most golden dozen

In the Czech Republic there are infinitely manysites, each of which is worth a visit the inquisitive traveler. Specialists from UNESCO had to work hard to collect in its list of World Heritage most worthy and unique objects. In Prague and other Czech cities authoritative organization are protected by twelve facilities of international importance, including:

  • Basilica of St. Procope, founded the Benedictine monks at the beginning of the XII century in the town of Trebic. The architectural style in which the temple is built, can be characterized as a transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic.
  • The historical town center of Kutna Hora, a gemwhich is considered to be a church, erected in the XIV-XV centuries and bears the name of St. Barbara. The temple is the second largest Gothic cathedral in the country, and its designer made a brilliant architect Jan Parler, whose father built the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.
  • Old city center of Telc, which became the first in thecountry monument of UNESCO lists. Founded at the beginning of the XI century, the city is a shining example of the skill of medieval architects. Study of Culture of the Czech Republic, many students start with a tour in Telč.

Features of national character

Czechs differ special deliberation,thoroughness and friendly disposition. They are hospitable and welcoming, hospitable and positive. No coincidence that in the culture of the Czech Republic is the importance placed on communication with family and friends. Feasts and gatherings with family - the best way to celebrate an anniversary or celebrate a holiday.
An important component of such activities -famous Czech beer. Data on the number of its varieties produced very different depending on the source, but that the foamy drink brews every self-respecting restaurant, can not be questioned.
A nice addition to a friendly conversationbecoming the best local cuisine: beer snack dumplings and pretzels, and a more profound reason for the feast requires cook pork shank or homemade sausage. Live music and high spirits - as indispensable companions of the festival in Czech.


  • Culture of the Czech Republic
  • Culture of the Czech Republic

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