Education in the Czech Republic. Study in the Czech Republic - a system of education abroad

Education in the Czech Republic

Education in the Czech Republic

Getting education in the Czech Republic, you can be sure that you:

  • Get high-quality education;
  • Get a diploma, recognized in many countries;
  • Can you go through professional training.

Higher education

Charles University offers itspreparatory courses. They specialize in preparatory training program designed specifically for Russian students. This program has the following advantages:

  • Training is carried out by Professors Charles University, who are the developers of tests for entrance exams;
  • Special supervisors monitor progress and provide support in resolving any issues related to stay in the country;
  • Pre-university training assists students in exams (consulting and organizational issues).

On admission to educational institutionsThe Czech Republic, not subject to an age limit for applicants. So, you can finish 9 classes in Russian, and then continue their studies in the Czech Republic to get a profession. And then, if desired, can proceed to the university.

In the Czech Republic there, both paid and free schools. What is needed for admission to the Czech university free of charge?

  • Knowledge of the Czech language;
  • Nostrificated diploma certifyingpassage and completion of school or university (have to prove their knowledge of the Ministry of Education through the exam in writing or orally);
  • Find a place of residence (house, apartment, dormitory);
  • Contents insurance "medical policy" (to do its design will help any insurance company);
  • Translate all documents in Czech (they need not only for the university but also the embassy);
  • Post documents for admission to the university;
  • To pass the entrance exams.

Foreigners have a good chance to study free of charge in the public Czech university - it is required to prepare for admission and to learn the Czech language.

The language can be learned for 1 year on specialcourses in "the Prague Academy." In these courses, all students will be attached to attend cultural and entertainment events (theater, art exhibitions, interesting performances). In addition, entering the one-year course at the academy, students rapidly assimilate, understand the mentality and traditions of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic, as the fun here is celebrated the beginning and end of the school year, Christmas with the invitation to the event well-known figures of education and culture, politicians, businessmen and Czech students .

After studying in the Czech Republic, be sure that it complies with European standards.

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  • Education in the Czech Republic
  • Education in the Czech Republic
  • Education in the Czech Republic
  • Education in the Czech Republic
  • Education in the Czech Republic

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