Flag of the Czech Republic: photo, history, the value of the state flag colors of the Czech Republic

Flag of the Czech Republic

Flag of the Czech Republic

Flag of Czech Republic is an integral statea symbol of the Czech Republic. He did not quite elaborate, but, nevertheless, has its own history. Czech flag - a combination of three colors, blue, red and white. Like any other flag, it has a rectangular shape, which web is divided into two equal parts horizontally. Upper part white, lower - red. The blue color on the flag is presented in the form of an equilateral triangle, which is located along the base of the flagpole flag.
Currently, there are several versionsthat represent the colors of the flag of the Czech Republic. One of the most common is the legend of Prince Lech, who became the ancestor of the Poles. It is said that one night in the red glow of the sunset in the sky, he saw a white eagle. This painting impressed him, and he took it as a basis for his family coat of arms. Therefore, the flag was used for the red and white color. Princes Lech and Cech were brothers, therefore, chose for their people-like symbols. But tradition is tradition, and no scientific evidence that does not exist.
According to another not less common version,blood of patriots, shed in a desperate struggle for independence, is worthy of veneration, which is why the flag is present the red color. White is the color always symbolizes peace and purity. Blue - the color of a cloudless sky, symbolizes the peaceful clear horizons over the country. The presence of an equilateral triangle on the flag is not accidental. It represents absolute equality and the common interests of the nations, who live in the Czech Republic.
In different periods of the existence of the CzechoslovakRepublic flag bit changed. The debate about how it should be conducted continuously. In 1914 as Czechoslovakia flag was used red-white flag of Bohemia, which was similar to the flag of Poland. 4 years later, this kind of flag was declared the official flag of the Republic. Blue Triangle has long been considered the epitome of Slovakia, so in 1920 it was decided to add a blue equilateral triangle in the country's national symbol image.
January 1, 1993 on a modern map of EuropeA separate independent state Czech Republic. And immediately sparked debate over whether, how should look the national symbols of the updated state. Among the representatives of the Parliament were advocates of the return of the red-white flag. This they justified their decision by the fact that, allegedly Slovaks will blame them for a long time that they are assigned a common flag. Nevertheless, after much debate, it was decided to use as the Czech flag is the flag of the former Czechoslovakia.

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