Power in the Czech Republic. Prices for food in the Czech Republic: food

Traditional Czech cuisine

Traditional Czech cuisine

Power in the Czech Republic is characterized by relatively low prices. But it is worth considering that the cost of power in large cities is slightly higher than in the provinces.

Food in the Czech Republic

If you are going to order a comprehensive lunch in Czechschools, teach that a traditional dinner includes 2-3 dishes. For example, in the first you can apply hot soup, the second - the meat with a side dish, and the third - a salad or dessert.

In the Czech Republic, it is sure to taste the mostPopular soups - kulajda (mushroom soup with milk), cesnecka (garlic soup), rajska polevka (tomato soup), cockova polevka (lentil soup). On the second in the Czech Republic offers to be treated with dishes of beef, chicken, pork, duck, supplemented by a side dish of french fries, rice, pasta, baked potatoes.

If you arrive to the Czech Republic, must trydumplings (this Czech dumplings, stuffing which can be both meat and vegetables, so they can serve as a main dish or a side dish); fried carp breaded; bramborak (garlic pancakes with potatoes); zavinac (snack based on pickled and rolled pieces of fish that are filled with pickled vegetables), medovnik (cake with walnuts and honey), strudl (apple pie topped with whipped cream).

Where to eat in the Czech Republic? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants where you can sample as crown Czech dishes and other cuisines;
  • snack bars (here you can taste delicious Czech meals - fried sausages, utopentsy, tlachenku);
  • hostinec (beer and light snacks are served in these bars);
  • places where you can buy fast food (kiosks, stalls, vending machines, "handing out" food).

Drinks in the Czech Republic

Popular drinks of Czechs are hot fruit drinks, fruit drinks berry, hot chocolate, beer, liqueurs and tinctures (they are made of herbs, fruits, berries).

Since the Czech Republic is famous for its variety of beers,when you visit this country worth a try Staropramen, Pilsner Urquell, Bernard, Kozel, Gambrinus. If your goal - to try Czech beer, buy it in places where it is sold by the glass (beer has a slightly different taste in bottles).

As for wines, the Czech Republic worth a try Moravian wines - Vavrzhinets, Rulandske, Tramin.

Gastronomic tour in the Czech Republic

Embark on a gastronomic tour of the Czech Republic, youwill be able to visit the breweries (per plant tour includes tasting different beers), dinner in a restaurant with folklore program. Here you can taste the national Czech dishes, soft drinks, beer and wine in unlimited quantities, and to feel the atmosphere of Czech holidays, watching the performances of professional musicians and dancers in national costumes.

A trip to the Czech Republic will take a lot of pleasure and aesthetic pleasure lovers of delicious and healthy food.

Photos national Czech dishes

  • Traditional Czech cuisine
  • Traditional Czech cuisine
  • Traditional Czech cuisine

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