Holiday in the Czech Republic in November: prices and weather. Where to rest in the Czech Republic in November

Holiday in the Czech Republic in November

Holiday in the Czech Republic in November

The list of the countries visited by tourists includeCzech Republic. The country is beautiful locks and a truly unique nature actively visited by guests from around the world in November. In the autumn period to buy tours to the Czech Republic can be at a fairly low cost. The fact is that the "hot" tourist season falls in the period from April to September. Even prices for accommodation in sanatoriums markedly reduced.

Weather in the Czech Republic in November

In the fall season of the country the weather can almost daily surprises. The temperature averages 10 degrees Celsius, periodically precipitation falls as rain or snow.

Holidays in November

If you are planning a vacation in the Czech Republic in November, it is worthbe sure to visit Prague. Countless attractions has the country's capital. Yet more and more popular local architecture, various churches and palaces. Most often, tourists visit the Cathedral, the Royal Palace and the Charles Bridge.

Karlovy Vary - a collection of paintingslandscapes, unrivaled architectural ensembles and revitalizing waters of 14 well-known sources. An excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful views of the November landscape, as well as for those who want to improve their health.

Autumn Holiday in the Czech Republic

Those who did not have time to enjoy the warm sun rays of the Czech Republic in the summer, the autumn season has prepared a special surprise. In November, in the Czech Republic is a rest because:

  • city ​​streets are decorated with colorful garlands and lights;
  • guests and residents of the capital and other cities at this time actively treated to sweets and mulled wine;
  • autumn is celebrated here such a wonderful holiday, as a holiday vintage.

Best beer exists only in the Czech Republic

Fans of intoxicating drink known that Chekhov is considered to be the most skilled brewers in the world. Only here you can taste the amazing flavor foamy drink to suit all tastes.

A perfect complement to it will be the local cuisine,which is replete with a variety of meat dishes and other specialties. Especially surprise guests local pubs and restaurants, generous portions, which is quite enough for two.

Photos vacation in the Czech Republic

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