Children's camps in the Czech Republic in the summer. Children's camps in the Czech Republic 2015

Children's camps in the Czech Republic

Children's camps in the Czech Republic

Very popular destination for Russian touristsis the Czech Republic. It is interesting for adults and children. Holidays spent in the Czech Republic - it is not uncommon for boys and girls from Russia. The most famous resorts in the country - Karlovy Vary, Frantiskovy Lazne, Marianske Lazne, Podebrady and Teplice. It is possible to improve health through mineral waters and fresh air. In addition, these resorts are interested in their sights.

Children's camps in the Czech Republic regarding the costinexpensive. The Russians have no problems with the language barrier. Therefore, the Czech Republic can be called an ideal place for holidays and vacations. Children's tours in the Czech Republic will organize many Russian tour operators.

Advantages of children's camps

In the Czech Republic a lot of good camps. Among them there are camps for school children and youth. Some of the children's recreation centers are international. Most popular among the Russians have the Czech camp as "Panorama", "La Boheme", a treatment center for children "Kynzvart" and others.

Children's sanatorium and health of the country campThey offer a wide range of health rehabilitation services. Sanatorium treatment of people paid a lot of attention. Health resort for children, parents can choose the optimum program of stay of the child, based on its needs and its capabilities. Many resort clinics located in Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Luhacovice. Usually spa treatment is available for children from 2 years old.

Things to do on holiday in the Czech Republic

The country is famous for its unique monumentsculture. The tour plan is very interesting. Children's camps in the Czech Republic make up the program, which includes visits to the most famous places. Required item excursions - sightseeing tour of Prague. Students visit Prague Castle, the Toy Museum, the Old Town and other attractions. Children are a delight ancient architectural sites: Troy castle, fortress Vysehrad, etc. No less interesting to the children walk around the resort of Karlovy Vary... Its historic center of many beautiful mansions and parks. Children's tours include visits to the medieval castles of the country. Famous castles are Karlštejn and Czech Sternberg. Very entertaining excursions take place in the city of Kutna Hora.

visa Questions

Buy a ticket to the Czech camp can be a travel agent. To enter the Czech Republic, a Schengen visa is needed, as the country is part of the Schengen zone.

Photos of children's camps in the Czech Republic

  • Children's camps in the Czech Republic
  • Children's camps in the Czech Republic
  • Children's camps in the Czech Republic

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