The population of the Czech Republic. The population in the Czech Republic: features, weight, composition

The population of the Czech Republic

The population of the Czech Republic

The population of the Czech Republic is more than 10 million people.

Slavic tribes began to settle in the Czech landsin V-VI centuries (until then we lived here Goths, Germans, quads, makromany), and the first Slavic medieval state - Great Moravia, appeared in the Czech lands in the IX century (Moravian Empire covered the territory of Slovakia, Silesia, Bohemia, as well as modern states - Poland, Germany and Hungary).

Today the Czech Republic is a successful country with a rich heritage and culture.

National composition:

  • Czechs (81%);
  • other nations (Germans, Ukrainians, Jews, Gypsies, Hungarians, Poles).

In the 1st is home to 130 people, but the most densely populated large urban agglomerations - Prague, Ostrava, Brno (here on the 1 sq km is home to 250 people), and the least populated areas of Prachatice and Český Krumlov (population density - 35 people per 1 square. km).

Official language - Czech.

Big cities: Prague, Brno, Plzen, Ostrava.

Residents of the Czech Republic profess Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism.

life expectancy

The average male population lives to 70, andfemale - 77 years. If we compare the figures of life expectancy in the Czech Republic with other EU countries, they are quite low (on health care Czech Republic allocates $ 1900 a year for 1 person).

In this matter, no small role to playthe fact that the Czech Republic is characterized by high levels of per capita alcohol consumption, but nevertheless, here spirits drink less than in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In addition, the Czech Republic among the top ten on the consumption of cigarettes around the world. With regard to the problem of obesity, that it faced 21% of the Czech population.

Customs and traditions of Czechs

Czechs are very fond of the holidays, especially folk,for example, the feast of St. Barbara (4 December) decided to cut the branches of the tree-Barborka cherries and put them into the water. According to legend, if Barborka time to turn green for Christmas, the man, cut it, it will be able to achieve its goals.

Wedding traditions are interesting because the groom,wooing the bride to come to her parents and ask them for permission to marry (with him he has to take a bouquet of flowers). Wedding table are usually not full of treats (in the table exhibited wedding cake, sandwiches and a drink). This is not avarice of the local population, and their upbringing and traditions. But the program wedding evening replete with theatrical performances and colorful ceremonial dances.

In the Czech weddings important role is assignedflowers - to scatter their petals made before the wedding procession and at the venue of the wedding ceremony (this ceremony is performed to attract the goddess of fertility).

Czechs - welcoming, polite and friendly people: they are so friendly to strangers, do not be surprised if in a cafe for your table someone will sit down.


  • The population of the Czech Republic

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