Prices in the Czech Republic - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to the Czech Republic

Prices in the Czech Republic

Prices in the Czech Republic

By European standards, prices in the Czech Republic relatively low (price level is lower here than in Germany, Austria, Poland).

Shopping and souvenirs

Shopping tour to the Czech Republic it is advisable to plan for the sales season - beginning of January to the end of February, mid-June to late August.

What to bring from the Czech Republic?

- Pipes, crystal goods andporcelain, cosmetics (natural cosmetics is 10 euros for 1 vehicle), jewelry with Czech garnets, "stone" colors (they cost about 3 euros);
- Clothes, shoes and accessories of famous brands;
- Czech beer (Starapramen, Gambrinus, Budvar, Krusovice), sweets.
Bohemian glass and crystal can be purchased atfactory "Moser" and branded stores in Prague, Karlovy Vary and other major cities of the country. For example, for the beautiful glasses you pay 22-330 euros, vases - 50-2000 EUR, decanters - 45-1000 euros.
Jewellery from Bohemian garnet produces largecompany "Granat Turnov" - they can be purchased in stores Turnov, Prague and other cities. The cost of one product is at least 50 euros, and, for example, a set of earrings and ring, you will pay around 150 euros.


On visits to museums and galleries you will spend a minimum of 4-6 euro, and theaters - 6-12 euros.
On a sightseeing tour of Prague, you will walk through the Old Town, where most of the attractions you will see the Charles Bridge, inspect the main tower, and numerous sculptures.
On the Old Town Square, you will see the town hall and astronomical clock.
The approximate cost of the tour - 16 euros.


The whole family can have fun in one of the Czech zoos. For example, in the zoo of Prague adult fare is 7 euros, and children - 5 euro.
And having gone to the Babylon aquapark, adult per stay in it will pay 5.7 euros / 1 hour, and children - 3,2 Euro / 1 hour.
If you decide to move a few million years ago, visit the Dinopark in Prague, Ostrava, Vyškov, Pilsen.
Visit Dinopark in Prague will cost you € 5 (children's ticket costs approximately 3.5 euros).


You can move around the city in the Czech Republicbuses, metro and trams. To do this, you can buy a "limited" ticket (its duration - 20 minutes, fare - only on any one form of transport) at a price of 0.7 euros and you can buy a ticket, the duration of validity - 75 minutes (it allows you to move on several forms of public transport) and costs a little more than 1 euro.
But it is more convenient to buy a ticket, valid for the whole day (it costs 4 euros) or for 5 days (it costs 20 euros).
If you decide to order a taxi, landing you will pay at least 1.80 euros + 1-1.5 euros per kilometer.
Daily spending on holiday in the Czech Republic depend on theYour budget: if you live in a cheap hotel, cheap snack in the cafe, to move solely on public transport, you will need about 25-35 euros per day for 1 person.


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