Restaurants in the Czech Republic - the best restaurants and cafes of the Czech Republic

Restaurants in Czech Republic

Restaurants in Czech Republic

On tours to the Czech Republic and the same dream of a strong andbeautiful half of humanity. In this country, everyone finds its own flavor, and rich excursion program - is not the only opportunity to bring from Prague or Pilsen lot of interesting impressions. No less enthusiasm is going to restaurants in the Czech Republic, because of the famous beer and grilled sausages even know vegetarians and teetotalers convinced. Each and metropolitan and provincial institution serves not less than ten varieties of beer, made according to old recipes, carefully observed for centuries.

For obvious order of size

In the Czech Republic you can eat, literally, on every corner, but all the places are divided into three main categories, getting into that depends on the pricing policy, and from the menu, and even on the situation:

  • The most expensive and the claim - restaurants. The sign of such institutions appears the inscription Restaurant, prices command respect, and class of service is very high. Meat main course costs about as well as a ticket in the stalls of the theater, and Beer own varieties differ excellent quality and variety.
  • At about half the price of food in the cafe menu,called in the country the restaurant - Restaurace. There is more casual, waiters serve several tables at the same time, but the long wait of the order should not be afraid, because the restaurants in the Czech Republic regardless of status can boast a worthy service.
  • Most budget places - beer or Pivnice. The trick of these restaurants in the Czech Republic - good food and generous portions at good price. It is somewhat noisy in the evenings, when the halls are going to large companies.

From the cave in ancient castle

When choosing a place for lunch or dinner in the Czech Republic,Travelers celebrate the richness and diversity of restaurant interiors. The cozy bars and a medieval castle halls, snack outdoors on the summer terrace and old houses with an entourage of past centuries - restaurants in the Czech Republic look like something on the museum, but because the meal is always accompanied by a pleasant interior contemplation.
Beer restaurant "Chodovar" in granite rocknot far from Karlovy Vary is famous for not only the honey ribs and venison with cranberry sauce, but also one of the oldest breweries in the country. Intoxicating drink produced here for eight centuries ago, and lunch at the institution can precede an excursion to the brewery.
Eight rooms and a summer garden pub "U Fleku" readytake multiple hundreds afflicted. Pub opened in the XV century, and no small interest to this restaurant in the Czech Republic is not only gourmets, but also for fans of vintage interiors and medieval architecture.


  • Restaurants in Czech Republic
  • Restaurants in Czech Republic
  • Restaurants in Czech Republic

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