Tax free in the Czech Republic. The principle of tax-free return to the Czech Republic

Tax free in the Czech Republic

Tax free in the Czech Republic

Everyone who is planning a profitable and exciting shopping in the Czech Republic, should know about the current system of tax free. It is extremely important to get acquainted with the conditions.

Terms of tax free

  • Purchase must be made at least 2,500 CZK (approximately 80 euros) in one shop.
  • Bought and unpacked goods to be exported out of the State within three months.
  • Decorated tax-free check is valid for five months.
  • VAT is 19% size.

Currently in the Czech Republic there are two tax free system, namely Global Blue (better known) and Premier Tax Free (limited catalog of different brands).

Peculiarities of tax free

As is known, in order to reclaim the VAT,you must go through the established stages. While shopping in the store to be sure you have a logo Global Blue or ask a question of service personnel, making sure that such services are provided. This must be done on a mandatory basis, as not all shops allow foreign nationals to return a part of the amount that was spent on the purchase of goods. At checkout you need to ask for a receipt, on the basis of which the VAT refund will be made. If you want to issue a refund to the credit card, its number should be indicated on the check received.

The next step you will pass only ifwhen you leave the Czech Republic. Customs officer, you present your new goods, checks and passport must be stamped on the receipt. Moreover, if you plan to continue with tourist trip to Europe, this stage need to pass in the last State of the stay.

After successfully completing the first two phasesticket can be cashed and for this you need to contact the office of Global Blue Customer Services. You will need to provide a receipt to set the seal on the customs, credit card (if the funds will be returned to non-cash) and your passport. Keep in mind that the funds in the Czech Republic is best to take in CZK, not in EUR, as this will be the most profitable option. Taking advantage of tax free in the Czech Republic and received CZK, you can visit the Duty Free shop and continue to do interesting, valuable purchase.

Evaluate all the benefits of shopping in the Czech Republic, because it is possible due to affordable prices, tax free and Duty Free!


  • Tax free in the Czech Republic
  • Tax free in the Czech Republic
  • Tax free in the Czech Republic

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