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Tourism in the Czech Republic

Tourism in the Czech Republic

High and low tourist seasons in thebeautiful European country absent. In any season, good weather or bad weather, thousands of tourists strolling along the golden streets of Prague to see the sights of Czech castles. Other travelers exploring the mountains or caves, skiing and snowboarding, recuperate the waters of hot springs or huge portions of delicious beer, produced according to ancient local recipes.

By the number of accepted offers country cangive odds to many European powers, tourism in the Czech Republic - is not only interesting, informative and entertaining, but also quite cheap. And this moment is already appreciated by tourists from the east.

Calm, just calm

Czech authorities strive to create a comfortable, safe environment for every guest coming from abroad. The most common offenses are pick-pocketing.

It is clear that in places where the curiousonlookers, tourists can always find an expert on handbags and purses. This is especially true on Wenceslas Square in the capital and in the heart of every Czech town.

Czech souvenir

In the country, working almost exclusively on foreign visitors, a great number of souvenir shops with handmade crafts and the famous Czech brands, including:

  • Decoration of the pomegranates, Bohemian crystal, or glass of high quality;
  • porcelain and ceramics with national symbols;
  • Therapeutic salt from the famous resort of Karlovy Vary;
  • "Becherovka" - another healing tool is considered by many visitors;
  • Czech wafers, which attract a variety of flavors and original packaging, which allows them to carry over long distances as a present.

From souvenirs can be found figures Good Soldier most frequently named Svejk, who became a real symbol of the country.

Not only Prague

Most often it is the capital of the Czech Republicthe subject of dreams of travel. But equally welcome guests will be welcomed not only in Prague but also in other old towns that have preserved the charm of the province of cute, is Colin, Kutna Hora, where preserved Cathedral of St. Barbara, the town with the difficult to pronounce the name of Brno, capital of Moravia, Plzen. In each of them, in addition to exploring the monuments of history and culture, it is possible to conduct a tasting of local beers.


  • Tourism in the Czech Republic
  • Tourism in the Czech Republic
  • Tourism in the Czech Republic

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