What to bring to the Czech Republic. What kind of things and medication to take with the Czech Republic

What to bring to the Czech Republic

What to bring to the Czech Republic

Gathered on a journey through the Czech Republic, many tourists are starting to think about what things they will need on the road. In this article, we'll take it to the Czech Republic to luggage not brought you any inconvenience.
The first step is to verify on the spot whether the important papers. To travel to the Czech Republic the following documents:

  • passport with a visa,
  • return tickets,
  • insurance policy,
  • if the trip with a child - documents authorizing travel with him.

Tourists are advised to immediately make photocopiesall documents. A copy of the passport should always be with you. Original passport should be stored in a safe place. This can be a safe hotel where you are staying. Sam passport demand that you do not have the right, if you do not break the law. When checking the documents will be sufficient to submit a copy of the passport.

Necessary medicines

tourist kit deserves closeattention. It must be the drugs that you need. If there are individual disease, the medication should be sure to take with you.

What clothes to take to the Czech Republic

The suitcase should be collected, focusing on the season. It is best to take the clothes in sporty style, as it gives freedom of movement. In sporting things you might need to travel, make sightseeing trips and engage in recreational activities. In winter, in the Czech Republic there are no severe frosts, but sometimes there was a high humidity and strong winds. This time of year is easy to catch colds. Therefore, the kind of thing we must carry with them mandatory. In spring and summer it is warm enough. In summer you will need lightweight clothing. In case of rainy and windy weather, grab a raincoat and sweater.

What money to take a

Currency is better to be exchanged in advance. Part of the funds should be postponed in reserve. On the territory of the country to accept the euro and pay the crown. But more profitable to pay the crown. You can exchange money at exchange offices located in local banks.

important stuff

Necessary to the life of the tourist things are notEach hotel. For example, not all will provide you with a hair dryer or curling irons. Such devices are better to carry in your suitcase. To travel, choose compact and lightweight model. For excursions and long trips, prepare yourself a bag of nuts, fruits, mineral water bottle, dark chocolate and other products for a quick snack. By following these recommendations, you will ensure yourself a comfortable stay in the Czech Republic.

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  • What to bring to the Czech Republic

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