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Christmas in Copenhagen

Christmas in Copenhagen

Resting on Christmas in Copenhagen, you will understand why this city is called the city of the Winter wonders - at this time there will be interesting as a youth companies and couples with children.

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Copenhagen

Officially, the Danes prepare for the holidaybegin in the first November Friday - this time made the release of sweet dark Christmas beer, the streets (everywhere smell of roasted almonds that candy in barrels with syrup) and shops are transformed thanks to the festive decorations, and the mayor lights the lights of the big spruce (she decorated straw goat and figurines of the characters of fairy tales by Andersen), the Town Hall Square.

Danes sit at the Christmas table 19:00 and treated roasted pork, duck or turkey, as well as herring. Going to a Christmas dinner at one of the Danish restaurants, you will be treated to a duck with red cabbage, glazed ham, pork, baked potatoes, and a dessert will be served almond rice pudding, drizzled with warm cherries based sauce (chef hiding inside the "luck" nut ). And as entertainment will be waiting for the show program with live music.

Entertainment and celebrations in Copenhagen

Once in Copenhagen over the festive period,should visit the Christmas performances in New Haven, as well as a ride on a skating rink on the lake in Tivoli, and here in the evening to enjoy a light show. And another rink where you can skate, you'll find the square Kongens Nytorv.

It should be noted that in December 26 to 31 the number of all who wish to visit a chance to appear at the Festival fireworks (pyrotechnic show venue - Tivoli amusement park).

Tourists from late November to late December is recommended to visit the Amagertorv square - the annual exhibition "Christmas Tables" will be opened here.

Christmas markets in Copenhagen

  • Christmas market in Tivoli park, decoratedcolorful garlands (20 November - 30 December, 11:00 - 22:00): it will be able to acquire Danish design souvenirs such as candles and sweaters with national ornaments and candy in the form of cakes and donuts with apple and black currant (offers - various trade stalls and trays). A pacing the park paths, you can meet with Santa Claus and fairy elves.
  • Christmas market next to the Royal Cafe: here it serves feast festive treats - cakes with cinnamon, ginger and chocolate biscuits (you can drink mulled wine or hot chocolate).
  • Christmas gastronomic fair on Fuglebjergaard farm (45 minutes drive from Copenhagen): here you can buy organic food and see the process of production of Danish delicacies.
  • Christmas fair in the area of ​​Christiania (10-20December): here are on sale creations of folk craft masters in the form of soaps and candles handmade, warm knitwear, sweaters, jewelry copyright. In addition, there wishing to offer a taste of exotic dishes.


  • Christmas in Copenhagen
  • Christmas in Copenhagen
  • Christmas in Copenhagen

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