Copenhagen Day 2: Where to go in Copenhagen

Copenhagen 2 days

Copenhagen 2 days

The Danish capital is located on the island and,despite the significant status it does not take too much territory. This gives guests the opportunity to have time to see Copenhagen for 2 days and get acquainted with all its most important sights.

The heroine of Hans Christian Andersen

By creating his famous tale, Andersen andI suspected that the sculpture will become its main character was once the hallmark of Copenhagen. Little Mermaid cast in 1913 by sculptor Edvard Eriksen, and it became a model for the Copenhagen Opera Prima. The Little Mermaid is located at the entrance to the harbor, and her figure is the number one attraction for the vast majority of guests in Copenhagen.

Old city

The main architectural monuments of Copenhagen 2the day you can get around even in a very quiet pace. All of them are located within the old city, and dominates them, 90-meter high tower of the Savior of the church. Equally popular among the guests of the Danish capital trips to the Women's Lutheran church, which stores under its arches, the famous sculptures of the twelve apostles of work Thorvaldsen.
Frederik's Church - anotherold landmark of Copenhagen. Its construction took about a century and a half and ended in the 1890s. The temple is famous for its dome, whose diameter exceeds thirty meters and is the largest in the neighborhood.
The complete opposite of his style -Lutheran Church Grundtvig, appeared in Copenhagen in the middle of the last century. Lined with yellow brick walls bear the imprint of a variety of architectural styles, from Gothic to Baroque.

Parks, castles, residences

Copenhagen 2 days may introduce curiousguests and with its famous parks. The most famous - Tivoli and Bakken. The first is almost not inferior to the famous Disneyland attendance and is open for recreation and entertainment for more than a century and a half. The prototype served as the Bakken city market, where roving performers entertained the audience and earn a living from it. Such views have been popular in the XVI century, and since then the market square became a solid and well-known amusement park, of which there are at least a hundred.
Once in Copenhagen for 2 days, the tourists have time to walk to the royal castle and visit Rosenborg Bernstof residence around which lush gardens are divided.


  • Copenhagen 2 days
  • Copenhagen 2 days

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