How to fly from Copenhagen to Moscow? Time of flight Copenhagen - Moscow

How to fly from Copenhagen to Moscow?

How to fly from Copenhagen to Moscow?

In Copenhagen you can see the palaceEnsemble Amalienborg, the Little Mermaid, installed at the entrance of the Copenhagen harbor, the 36-meter round tower, visit the National Gallery and the Carlsberg Glyptotek, spend time in the amusement parks "Tivoli" and "Bakken Amusement Park", night clubs "Dubliner", "Coctail Parties" and "Vega"? And now you are concerned about the return flight to Moscow?

How to fly from Copenhagen to Moscow (direct flight)?

The capital of Denmark and Moscow removed 1,500 km (youfly so far to the destination within 2 hours). So, on board the aircraft, owned by "Scandinavian Airlines" you will spend 2.5 hours ( "Sheremetyevo"), and "Icelandair" - 1,5 hours ( "Sheremetyevo").

The average price of a ticket to Copenhagen to Moscow is 8500 rubles (in May and October you immet chance to get tickets for the price of 4700 rubles).

Connection Flight Copenhagen-Moscow

Connecting low, padded considering transplantation in Hamburg, Tallinn, Oslo, Ankara, Belgrade or other cities, take from 4 to 23 hours.
Because of the stops in Tallinn ( "Estonian Air")travelers will have to spend on the road 11 hours, in Belgrade ( "Jat Airways") - 5,5 hours, in Ankara ( "Turkish Airlines") - 15 hours in Zurich and Vienna ( "Swiss") - 8,5 hours Riga ( "Air Baltic", "Transaero") - 17.5 hours (you are invited to board the aircraft after 2 to 13 hours). Your primary carrier "SAS"? He will ask you to fly home for 7.5 hours, having made a stop in Oslo, 6 hours - in Berlin in 4.5 hours - in Stockholm, for 13 hours - in Düsseldorf, in 5.5 hours - in Hamburg.

What to choose an air carrier?

For the trip to Moscow, you can usewith the following companies flying on De Havilland DCH-8, Embraer 195/175/190, Boeing 737-800 airliners and other: "SAS"; "Vueling"; "Scandinavian Airlines"; "Aeroflot".

Check-in Copenhagen to Moscowproduced with the assistance of Kastrup Airport (CPH), located 8 km from the center of the Danish capital (here you can arrive by bus number 5A, 36, 96N). The airport has institutions of power, guns, print boarding passes and baggage tags, ATMs, waiting rooms, shops and points of currency exchange.

Things to do in flight?

The road is definitively decide whopresent gifts purchased in Copenhagen, in the form of porcelain (tea sets, figurines The Little Mermaid), a local alcoholic drink "Akvavit", Danish beer ( "Jacobsen", "Tuborg", "Carlsberg"), miniature bicycle with colorful wheel, soldiers, "Lego" designer silver jewelry handmade in traditional Danish style, thumbnails of the city's famous sculptures.


  • How to fly from Copenhagen to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Copenhagen to Moscow?
  • How to fly from Copenhagen to Moscow?

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