Prices in Copenhagen - products, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take to Copenhagen

Prices in Copenhagen

Prices in Copenhagen

In terms of life Copenhagen is among the bestcities in the world. He is second only to Zurich and Helsinki. Prices in Copenhagen high. hotel services and the transport system is expensive. Tourists are advised to stay in that area of ​​the city, where he plans to spend more time. This will minimize the cost. Denmark uses its own currency - the Danish krone. However, payment for goods and services to take, not only in Danish kroner, and in euro.

Accommodation in Copenhagen

Filming in a hotel room - a very costly exercise. Accommodation is expensive in any season. In summer, when the tourist flow increases, prices go up.

If resources permit, it is possible in Copenhagenremove any property from a luxury hotel in the prestigious hotel to the place in a youth hostel. Budgetary institutions are considered to be a hostel, built under the state program Danhostels. Dormitories are crowded in the summer months. So book a place should be in advance. Room for 1 night in a cheap hostel can be removed for 15-30 euros per person. More comfortable in the room you can find for 150-200 euros per day. 5 * Hotels offer rooms from 1000 euros.

Excursions and Entertainment

By purchasing a special card Copenhagen Card, youYou will be able to visit museums, parks and other interesting sites of the city. Among them -. Amalienborg and Rosenborg castles, Tivoli Gardens, the zoo, etc. The card also serves as a ticket for all kinds of urban and suburban transport, including river trams and trains. Some Copenhagen restaurants offer a 20% discount to the bearer of this card. Its cost is 31 euros per day and 62 euros for 72 hours.

A sightseeing tour of Copenhagen includes inspectionfamous attractions such as the Little Mermaid, The Round Tower, Nyhavn district, and others. Each participant of the excursion program for 1 hour pays 100 euros. Individual tour with a visit to the most famous castles is worth 750 euros. Walking group walk around the city with a guide will cost at least 120 euros. Program duration - 2 hours. Private walking tour costs 200 euros.

Dining in Copenhagen

Most of the cafes and restaurants in the city offerDanish cuisine. Residents of the country are focused on seafood, natural food and organic fruit and vegetables. Traditional lunch Danes necessarily includes sandwiches, made from rye flour with different fillings. Delicatessen Denmark - meatballs, Danish bacon, pate with mushrooms and bacon, white bratwurst. Popular in Denmark are cafes Olsen network. The average cost of a dinner for 1 visitor is 15 euros.


  • Prices in Copenhagen
  • Prices in Copenhagen
  • Prices in Copenhagen

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