The cost of living in Denmark

The cost of living in Denmark

The cost of living in Denmark

Despite its small territory, thiswonderful country able to accommodate a huge number of unique treasures of history and culture. To come here at any time of the year and have never left disappointed. The cost of living in Denmark a bit pricey compared to the other Nordic countries.


In addition to traditional hotels for tourists in Denmark invented and interesting accommodation options:

  1. historic hotels;
  2. Farm and cheap hotels;
  3. design hotels.

The cheapest option - the farm, the cost ofaccommodation for one person 30 €. But here fresh air, organic food and the opportunity to plunge into the simple life of the Danes. Historical and designer hotels are considered to be 5 Briefly, therefore, the corresponding prices - from 180 €. The average price of 2-3-star hotel is within the range € 130-170. A lot of Danish hostels and camp sites, the cost of beds in them about 20 €.


During budget holiday in Denmark recommendtry to buy food in the supermarket and cook yourself. The fact is that eating in restaurants is rather expensive, and saving the housing does not pay off when spending on food. But it avoided cafes and restaurants is also not worth it, because you can find places where a decent meal will cost € 10-20. The expensive and luxurious restaurants for such a pleasure will have to pay already from 150 €.


Ordinary tickets for public urbanDenmark transportation cost about 1.5 €. The only thing, for example, in Copenhagen, there are three different transport tickets valid zone and each in its own zone. To get to another part of the city, often you have to buy an extra ticket for the bus or subway. More profitable to buy tickets for 10 € on several trips, they are universal. Also, there is a single ticket for public transport. Depending on the number of days it is different cost. A ride through the city on all modes of transport for a day costs about 20 €, and 2 or more - up to 40 €. Children receive a discount of 50%, as well as with the card you can get a considerable discount on the ferry to Sweden.

Taxis are expensive in the country - 3 € landing and about 1 €per kilometer. Renting a car can be for 30-40 €. But the problem is that in Denmark really have no place to turn around, so better to take the car over long distances. In the cities of the preferred bikes can be rented for the day for € 5-10.


  • The cost of living in Denmark
  • The cost of living in Denmark

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