The capital of Dominica: a map, photo. What is the capital of Dominica?

Roseau - Dominica capital

Roseau - Dominica capital

Many countries in the world and remains a mysteryor exotic dream for Europeans. Only their names sound nice, like a song - or Dominica to Martinique. The capital of Dominica also has a nice name - Roseau, but the main city of the state, located on the Lesser Antilles, very tiny - the number of inhabitants barely approached fifteen thousand.

A point on the map

The capital of Dominica, it's hard to name the town,more - compact settlement, which was located in a very comfortable place. On the one hand, the coast of the Caribbean Sea, on the other hand, mountain and river. Ease area appreciated by the ancient tribes living on the islands. In particular, the archaeologists claim that it was here Sairee was founded - the first Indian Village.

Cute and comfortable Roseau

The photo of tourists, leaving the capital of Dominica,remain in the memory of the beautiful houses, built in the colonial style. They were inherited from the French prevailing on the islands in the Middle Ages. Old French architecture combined with the works of modern architects.

The charm of the city adds to Roseau River, intersectingcapital, and numerous green spaces - botanical gardens, parks and squares. Surprisingly, the capital is different from most cities are virtually invisible familiar streets, to eat at home and the space between them. Freedom is felt even in the heart of the city.

A drop of history

The first inhabitants of these places - the ancient Indiantribes, but the settlement itself organized the French colonists in the XVII century. Name the city was named after the local river, the etymology of the name of the water flow is quite simple, in Roseau translated means "reed". Indeed, its banks adorned thickets of aquatic plants.

The first settlement consisted of onlyfifty families who were involved in the forest fishing. At the same time we worked hard not French themselves, and African slaves, whose labor was also used on the plantations of tobacco and cotton. After the French islands ruled by the British, while in 1978, the territory has not gained independence. At the same time became the capital of Roseau Dominica, the main direction of development of the city today - is tourism.

While interesting offers for tourists notmany, most are familiar with the colonial architecture of Roseau, places of worship of the XVII century. In the vicinity of the capital to the botanic garden, which brings together representatives of the local, exotic to Europeans, fauna and flora, including the dwelling only on these islands.


  • Roseau - Dominica capital
  • Roseau - Dominica capital
  • Roseau - Dominica capital

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