Resorts in Ecuador: photos, description

Ecuador Resorts

Ecuador Resorts

In this exotic, full of natural beautythe South American country, Russian travelers - are frequent visitors. Many of them did remain in the country of bananas and eternal summer to relocate, so impressive local delights. For those who still can not imagine myself without native birches and pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, recommended tours of Ecuador resorts. Emotions and memories will be enough just to leave and the next does not necessarily here - a big globe ...

"For" or "Against"?

Choosing the direction of the South American as a place of long-awaited holiday, the traveler will certainly faced with doubts of various kinds:

  • What is the best and cheaper to fly? The best way to advance monitor offers European air carriers or entrust it to an authorized person at a travel agency. Direct flights to Ecuador resorts still offer no one can, and the Dutch and the Spaniards often show quite affordably priced options. Flight time excluding connections is not less than 17 hours.
  • Russian tourist visa for a period of stay up to 90 days in Ecuador do not need - this is a plus, but rent a car because of the traffic is not too reasonable and not at all accurate drivers - a risky business.

Pearl of the Pacific

City of Guayaquil - Ecuador's main resort,Located on the Pacific coast. Also in January and February, when in this area frequent rains, beach holidays in Guayaquil - season is ideal for a holiday or vacation. The best beaches are concentrated in Salinas and in the peninsula of St. Helena.
For those who are not accustomed to spending time idly,Ecuador, on the Pacific coast resorts have prepared an extensive active entertainment. The ruins of the old port of Puerto Lopez - an ideal lookout for whale watching, diving here is widespread, and the waves in the bay Montanita make the heart beat even the most experienced and intrepid surfers.

Just a delight!

Something like this can be best summarizedimpressions of those who have decided to combine a beach holiday on Ecuador resorts with a trip to the Galapagos Islands. This amazing archipelago - home to hundreds of species of rare and unique animals, which you can observe in their natural habitat. Penguins and pelicans, marine iguanas and giant turtles, pink flamingos and seals - in the Galapagos the heart and soul of the lover of our younger brothers get a storm of positive emotions and vivid emotions.


  • Ecuador Resorts
  • Ecuador Resorts
  • Ecuador Resorts

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