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Treatment in Ecuador

Treatment in Ecuador

The government of Ecuador with wins every yearIt is growing in popularity among travelers all over the world and as a place for recreation, and as a decent version of the new place of residence. The reason and the eternal summer, and the Pacific Coast with beautiful beaches and amazing nature, and relatively low cost of living. Medical care in the country is also on quite a decent level, and therefore to be treated in Ecuador are increasingly sent and foreign tourists.

important rules

Ecuador Medical System - the insurance, andbecause free assistance in accordance with the possibilities of the policy have here only to those who deducts regular contributions to insurance funds. For any foreign tourist service will be paid, regardless of the urgency and importance of the vital procedures. In order not to be in a difficult situation, it is best to have a visitor medical insurance during their stay in the country, making it possible to receive emergency care, without breaking your own pocket.

If the purpose of the trip was just treatment in Ecuador, you must be prepared to ensure that all services have to be paid in full.

How to help here?

Clinics where you can get paid helpforeigners, located in the capital. Their equipment and level of training of medical staff seem quite competitive relative to other developed countries of the world. Sending a request to the site selected clinics and attach scanned copies of the results of previous surveys, you should wait for a response from the doctor and agree on a preliminary time of reception. The second option - to entrust the mediation of travel agencies, with extensive experience in such matters.

Methods and Achievements

Particular success achieved in the Ecuadorian medicinequestions of aesthetic and plastic surgery, dentistry and ophthalmology. Very popular among tourists are the medical weight loss program, among them diet and beauty care, and surgery.

Price issue

The price for a hotel room, included in the standardmedical tour package offered by agencies for treatment in Ecuador, does not exceed $ 70 per day. For a longer stay in the country is more profitable to rent an apartment, which will cost $ 250-300 per month. The cost of all medical procedures during treatment in Ecuador would be several times lower than prices in the United States, Israel or Germany.


  • Treatment in Ecuador
  • Treatment in Ecuador
  • Treatment in Ecuador

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