The capital of Egypt: map, photo. What is the capital of Egypt?

Cairo - capital of Egypt

Cairo - capital of Egypt

The capital of Egypt, Cairo, first visit to the cityHuman multiple shocks. Indiscriminate building, poor neighborhoods are combined with elegant mansions, and on the streets you can see luxury cars, moving close to the peasant-wagon wreck. But when the initial shock passes, you will see a totally amazing city, which is ready to give you a lot of pleasant moments.

Pyramids of Giza

Generally pyramids on the territory of the mills thereabout a hundred. Some have almost destroyed, but many have survived in almost perfect condition. The highest are the pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus.

  • Pyramid of Cheops - the largest of all. The interior of the pyramid is quite primitive. Here there are no decorations and drawings, there are only three large burial chamber. Unfortunately, the red granite sarcophagus is empty. Scientists suggest that the pyramid plundered a very, very long time.
  • Pyramid of Khafre - it is the second largest building was built about 40 years later than the pyramid of Cheops. It was here, in her lower church, and was held mummification of Khafre.
  • Menkaure - the third pyramid of Giza. Her burial room carved directly in the base of the structure, which is a natural rock.

Ibn Tulun

While walking around the city you should visitone of the oldest buildings of the capital - Mosque of Ibn Tulun. It was built in 879 by Ahmad Ibn Tulun. He is the son of a slave, by fate could rise to the highest ranks, performing the duties of the governor of Egypt. The mosque was intended for his troops, which was here to perform Friday prayers.

The mosque itself is extraordinarily beautiful. On city streets it separates the wall, and she takes more than six acres. The minaret of the mosque has an external spiral staircase that makes it unique. Figure mosque decorates the front of the Egyptian banknotes 5 pounds.


Dahshur is a rocky plateau, which becamethe basis for many of the pyramids. It is necessary to highlight the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid, where rests the mummy of Pharaoh Sneferu. Scientists are still wondering what purpose the pharaoh pyramid erected at such a small distance from each other.

Red Pyramid is the largest and oldest in the wholecountry, surpassing even the pyramid of Cheops. The name she gave the color of the stone from which it is built. Bent Pyramid - quite unusual structure, an architectural solution which raises numerous questions. The fact that the angle of inclination of the structure on the approach toward its center decreases sharply, giving the structure a very unusual appearance.



  • Cairo - capital of Egypt
  • Cairo - capital of Egypt
  • Cairo - capital of Egypt

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