Excursions in Cairo. Sightseeing tours in Cairo

Excursions in Cairo

Excursions in Cairo

Cairo attracts many tourists and admirersantiquity. Each guided tour becomes a unique chance to know the city. However, the first journey is the most important, because depends on the overall impression of him. Excursions are organized in Cairo on the ideal level, so pastime seems saturated.

Cairo Attractions

What are the attractions in Cairo included in the excursion program? What deserves the attention of tourists?

  • The Great Pyramids of Giza. This attraction is different proud appearance, which embodies the idea of ​​immortality. Number of the pyramid is about hundreds and they are all different: large and small, staggered and with perfectly smooth walls. The Pyramids of Giza are located along the shores of the Nile River, so tourists can feel the spirit and the millennium, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • Great Sphinx, the guardian of the Egyptian pyramids,wants to know you. To see it, you need to come to the foot of the Giza plateau. Great Sphinx looks like a lion with a human head. Its dimensions are truly surprising: height - 20 meters, length - 73 meters. If you wish, you can stay on the light show, during which you will hear unusual stories of building the pyramids and learn features of the culture of ancient Egypt, to imagine how the Egyptians lived many centuries ago.
  • Citadel is an ancient fortresswhich reflected the invasion of cruel conquerors. Inside the fortress are located palaces, mosques, barracks and warehouses. With amazing views of the walls of Cairo. Once you enter the Citadel, you must visit the mosque of Mohamed Ali, this is a big temple, featuring a roof dome shape and two thin minarets. Construction had in the middle of the last century, after which the mosque immediately won fame.
  • The Egyptian Museum can hit you, because a collection that reflects the amazing art of Egypt, is the true interest.
  • Sightseeing tours in Cairo also enjoypopularity. In order to understand the city, it is important to visit the two unusual areas. First of all, you have to visit the Islamic quarter of the Khan el Khalili, which is preserved to this day. Here you can see the medieval city gates, houses in traditional style and schools and madrasah. Christian Old Cairo there since ancient times. Here you can see Coptic Church, has changed little since the time of construction. The main difference between them from the Orthodox churches can call the almost complete absence of frescoes.

Know Cairo, because this city deserves the attention of every tourist longing to understand that the modern world is based on the rich history and amazing culture!


Photo excursions in Cairo

  • Excursions in Cairo
  • Excursions in Cairo
  • Excursions in Cairo

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