Season in Hurghada. When the holiday season in Hurghada?

Season in Hurghada

Season in Hurghada

The former was once a small village for thePetroleum, Egypt Hurghada rapidly gained momentum in the tourist market and has become an annual take hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Its popularity is due to many factors, among them - and pleasant hotel rates, and excellent opportunities for diving, and a variety of excursions. Namalovazhen and the fact that the beach season in Hurghada lasts throughout the year, allowing here and summer holidays, and the Christmas holidays.

There is no bad weather

Hurghada to this statement can not reachmore welcome. On its beaches always sunny and tropical desert climate enables you to sunbathe throughout the calendar year. Precipitation here - very rare, rain in exceptional cases sometimes fall in winter. The air temperature at the beaches of Hurghada in January and February is typically less than 22 degrees, but the sun in the daytime, not only is possible, but also very nice. In winter the water thermometer shows no more than 20 degrees, so that the water treatments take only the most hardened.
The complete opposite of the winter season - summerseason in Hurghada. In June-August the thermometer, even in the shade often overcomes the 40-degree mark, and the water warms up in the sea of ​​Egypt to a record 30. In this period it is not necessary to sunbathe at midday, and sunbathing even in the morning it is important to accompany the application of funds for the skin with a high protection factor.

Perfect vacation

The best seasons in Hurghada - this is spring and autumn. From late March to early June, the town is dominated by a pleasant warm weather with mild temperature behavior. In the afternoon, they can reach 32 degrees, but most of the day to be on the beach is easy and comfortable. Sea in Hurghada spring warms up to 25 degrees, nice refreshing bathers and allowing them a long time to watch the rich underwater world of the resort.
The second wave of the "high" season starts herelate September and lasts until the last days of autumn. The air temperature in the autumn season in Hurghada is in the range 28 degrees, and the water in the Red Sea is warm and pleasant to relax, even with small children. In these months do not cause problems for many excursions to the sights of Egypt, but when traveling, and exploring stay in the sun requires clothing that covers exposed areas of the body, and protective agents for the skin.


  • Season in Hurghada
  • Season in Hurghada

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