Areas of Sharm el-Sheikh - the name, description, photo areas of Sharm el-Sheikh, where to stay tourists

Areas of Sharm el-Sheikh

Areas of Sharm el-Sheikh

To visualize the areas of Sharm el-Sheikh, is familiar with the map of the city - they are located along the coast around the bays (bays).

The names and a description of areas of Sharm el-Sheikh

  • Sharm El Maya: famous oriental market where you can buy essential oils, perfumes, pictures of painted sand, papyrus, carpets.
  • Nabq (relatively shallow sea, but windy weather): This pretty young district is actively built, but from the entertainment noteworthy promenade La Strada with its shops, souvenir shops and a disco Hard Rock Cafe.
  • Hadaba: the area boasts a chain of hotels and shops, as well as a private mosque.
  • Naama Bay: it is an area where life is in full swing - the services of sports grounds guests, restaurants, casinos, shopping malls, nightclubs, diving centers.
  • Sharks Bay: region, whose beauty can not transfer any photos - it has its own coral reef, but entry into the water can be carried out only with the pontoon (exception - surcharge Beach Sharks Bay with a sandy sunset). On the local Soho Square, you can find bars and discos, as well as attend the show singing fountains.
  • Montazah: a feature of the area - close to the airport, plus the presence of beaches and coral reefs (appreciate divers and snorkeling enthusiasts).

Attractions of the main areas

Since the Sharm el-Sheikh is famous for its beaches and diving, the sights most areas it makes sense to consider at this point.

Going to Sharm El Maya, travelerswill be able to relax on the sandy beaches, belonging to the hotel (for those who are not lodgers of hotels is provided in the entrance fee $ 5), do kiting ($ 35) and jet skiing ($ 55). Among the beaches, stands Terrazzina (enjoyment of good food and music by DJs). And if you want out of the area you can go on a boat trip on a boat or a yacht in the National Park of Ras Mohammed (entrance and entrance to the park is $ 5, then offered to admire the mangroves, birds and animals, visit the magic bay, salt and dirt which are medical, swim and snorkel, explore the underwater world of the park when immersed in such points as eel Garden and Shark reef).

On close acquaintance with the area Hadabatravelers will be able to walk down the street Il Mercato, visit the palace of the "1000 and 1 night" (you will find a folklore show), to stay on the beaches of El Fanar and Ras Katy, visit the Dolphinarium (besides show dolphins guests are entertained by performances of local folk ensemble) and a water park Albatros Aqua Park (he prepared for a 32 water rides).

Where to stay in the tourist

Travelers who lead active lifestyles outside the hotel and for those who love adventure, it is necessary to stay in the area Hadaba: at their disposal - private villas and hotels in different categories.

If your area of ​​interest Sharks Bay, it is worth to take into account that the hotel is located here, where the prices are quite high compared to other areas of the hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh.

As for lovers of privacy, they should look to the area of ​​Montazah.

Photos areas of Sharm el-Sheikh

  • Areas of Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Areas of Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Areas of Sharm el-Sheikh

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