The beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh: photo. The best sandy beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt)

The beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

The beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

Magical Egypt attracts to its edgethousands of tourists, and none of them leaves disappointed. The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh is considered one of the best leisure options, with a trip to Egypt will not lead you to break the bank, and the pleasure you can get a huge. However, that long-awaited vacation, nothing spoiled, all the intricacies of the holiday in Egypt, and a variety of local beaches it is best to know in advance.

Sharm El Sheikh is considered a very prestigious resort, not only by the standards of Egypt, but by the standards of the world's standards. Foreign tourists, without thinking twice, just prefer to come here.

Corals Egypt and other hazards

It is immediately specify that rest onEgyptian beaches can sometimes be a bit dangerous. Most of the local beaches can be called a coral, and wander barefoot is not desirable for such beaches. Of course, the view opens just amazing, but have to constantly keep track of where you step. Because coral beaches workers have provided travelers the opportunity to go to sea on pontoons and easily reach depths. In general, swimming is not advised anyone without protective footwear.

Some tourists find the presence of coralscontinuous success, because everyone has a chance to just dive in and enjoy the beautiful view of the underwater world. Inspect underwater beauty can even those who have not yet learned to swim. Coral beaches are considered the main attraction of the local resorts, so nothing to complain about some inconvenience.

Several features of the Egyptian beaches:

  • Rocky coast;
  • cliffs (require care travelers);
  • the small size of the vast number of beaches;
  • multilevel descent into the water, sometimes in the form of stairs.

It is difficult to name even one of these featuresserious drawback, however, should remember that they are there. For vacationers planning to bring on the best sandy beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, the kids, this information is not to be unnecessary.

Best Deals Sharm El Sheikh

If you absolutely need a sandy beach witha convenient entrance to the sea, then you should pay attention to other hotels of the first line in the area of ​​Naama Bay. These hotels mostly provide services at the level of 4 and 5 stars, so the prices are appropriate. The largest beach is located on the hotel Hilton Fayrouz. Here you will find as well as areas not cleared of corals and a large space for a comfortable stay.
Today cleaned beaches of coral alreadyIt prohibited by local laws, but the first line of hotels managed to do this before the introduction of these rules. That is why many local beaches can be found near perfect entry into the sea, so you can relax with your family.

Photos beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

  • The beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh
  • The beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh
  • The beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

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