Taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh - price, order. How much is a taxi in Sharm el-Sheikh

Taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh

Taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh

Taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh - cars white and blue coloring. Since the machines are equipped with meters - a rarity, the price must negotiate before boarding (appropriate bargaining).

Provision of taxi services in Sharm

Take advantage of the services of private and publictaxis in Sharm - no problem: drivers often wait for potential customers in restaurants and cafes, hotels, attractions and everywhere where tourists like to walk. Take the taxi at the special parking or making a call to the number 112 mobile phone.

Not all drivers speak English and knowall the streets, so for the convenience of understanding the taxi driver should be required to announce a landmark in your area. But if you are not sure of the location of your desired location or you find it difficult to pronounce his name, write the necessary information in Arabic on a paper sheet.

It is worth noting that, unlike of hotel,Street taxis are not allowed to the hotel reception, they often do not have air conditioning, and the drivers of these taxis are unceremoniously to smoke, turn on loud music and religious chants, persistently asking about the lives of passengers, as well as deliberately inflate the fare.

Hotel taxi Sharma

These vehicles operate with hotels (for calling cars need to contact the administrator) and have a fixed price for the ride (bargaining is not appropriate).

Hotel taxi, not only takes you to the desireddestination, and, if necessary, will take you there (with a driver can exchange phone numbers or arrange to have it pulled up behind you at a certain time).

How much is a taxi in Sharm el-Sheikh

After reviewing the following helpful information, you will know the approximate cost of a taxi to Sharm El Sheikh:

  • the landing, including the overcoming of the first kilometer, you pay about 3 Egyptian pounds, and for every subsequent km - 0.5 pounds;
  • in the late evening and early morning taxi ride will cost 40-50% more expensive daily rate.

On average, the trip from Naama Bay - Hadaba cost passengers 30 pounds, Old Market - Ras Nazran - 60 pounds, Naama Bay - Old Market - 15-20 pounds.

If taxis are fixed price, then learn fares on popular routes as possible, paying attention to the stickers with the prices attached to the rear window of the car.

For fare reasonably have smallbills, because drivers do not like to give change, wanting to keep it (if you want the fare can be somewhat rounded up to thank the taxi driver service).

Road Sharm El Sheikh is in good condition, so travel by taxi can be quite a pleasant ride.

Photos taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh

  • Taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Taxis in Sharm el-Sheikh

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