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Vehicles in Sharm el-Sheikh

Vehicles in Sharm el-Sheikh

In Sharm el-Sheikh distributed various types of public transportation that allows tourists to easily move around the city: hospitality buses, hotel taxi, street taxi, minibus.

When planting should be called its value. Take into account that the cost of travel between the main areas by taxi is 10-15 pounds, on the bus - 1-5 pounds. Otherwise, in the final paragraph announces cost driver and thus tends to overestimate it.

hotel Hotel buses

This transport can be paid and free. If you decide to take the bus of hotel, it should be noted that the drive only to nearby entertainment and souvenir shops. On the trip must be booked in advance, referring to the hotel staff, because the number of passengers may be only 15. All hospitality buses run there - back in the set hours, so you can note the time limit. This hospitality buses are popular with tourists who want to mention comfort and ease of travel to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Hotel taxi

The hotel can operate a taxi service, whichIt has a fixed cost. Be prepared for the fact that bargaining will not work. Hotel taxi is popular due to the fact that the trip can be done in the best possible conditions: a foreign car, air conditioning and music at will. Order transport, can be addressed to the staff at the hotel reception. In addition, the driver can take you to your destination, but if you want - pick up at the appointed time. To cooperation proceeded in the light conditions, it is recommended to exchange phone numbers. If desired, you can throughout the rest cooperate with only one driver.

Street taxis

Vehicles in Sharm el-Sheikh, first of all,presented street taxi. These vehicles are different blue-white color. Giving preference to the travel option, you must keep in mind that sometimes the taxi drivers tend to cheat, raising prices to the level of hotel. Comfort while traveling can be as high as it wants, but the option is one of the best for tourists who wish to achieve savings.


In Sharm el-Sheikh are the taxischeap, cramped and noisy transport. At the same time, this option allows you to immerse yourself in the local flavor. Minibuses ply the major roads of the city, so you will have the opportunity to stroll and. You can be sure that this travel option allows to achieve substantial savings in transport.

Transport system in Sharm el-Sheikh is organized according to the needs of tourists.


  • Vehicles in Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Vehicles in Sharm el-Sheikh
  • Vehicles in Sharm el-Sheikh

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