Airport Taba: diagram photo. How to get to Taba Airport

Airport Taba

Airport Taba

Taba International Airport is small enough forarea and makes a small number of aircraft per day. However, its geographical position makes the airline attractive for tourism companies and airlines around the world.
The airport is located 35 kilometers from the townTaba in the eastern part of Egypt, in the north of the Sinai Peninsula. Every year a growing number of charter flights that deliver tourists to the shores of the Red Sea.


A unique place located at the junction of Tabatraditions and culture of 4 countries - Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt. At one time it was a disputed territory and as a result permit the Egyptian-Israeli conflict, Taba entered the administrative land of Egypt.
Together with the territory of Taba Egypt becameand belong to a former military airfield, on the basis of which in 2000 the airport was built. The airport structure includes a passenger terminal and runway, a length of about 3 kilometers. Today the airline serves only flights a tourist destination.

Tools and Services

passenger terminal building for smallarea, so a few cramped for the number of passengers, which serves the airport. Nevertheless, here we are presented all the necessary facilities for the safe and comfortable stay of passengers.
no eating facilities on the territory of the airport,parking for cars or rental cars. In fact, the airline serves only interchange function. However, with each year of service conditions improve. For example, in 2014 the entire territory of the airport earned free internet.
In terms of development of the airport in the first place are the expansion of the apron and an increase in the passenger terminal area.
We can not say that the natural surroundings on arrival at Tabu pleases her charms. This is a desert with a complete lack of vegetation.
Arriving passengers are generally classified hereinto two categories - tourists who want to relax on the shore of the warm sea of ​​the planet and business representatives from around the world, participants of the business conference, meeting, seminar, held in the local high-end hotels.
In any case, they meet specialtransfers represented tourism companies or coaches, which in future should bring their guests to the place of residence - the coastal hotels in Taba.

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