Holidays in Taba - photos. Summer holidays in Taba (Egypt) 2015

Holidays in Taba

Holidays in Taba

Holidays in Taba is in great demand amonglovers to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature - here it is possible to diversify a beach holiday with excursions, admire the sky studded with stars, sit in the Arab cafes and listen to traditional music.

The main types of holiday in Taba

  • Beach: As a rule, most of the hotels in Taba has beaches with soft sunset in the sea, so you can relax with children (in addition, for the kids there is a playground). For those interested in diving, are advised to go to the island and the bay of the Pharaohs Fjord (in training PADI standards can go the local dive centers).
  • Active: Anyone can go diving (you can admire the beautiful lagoons and caves, and in specialized dive centers rent a wetsuit, scuba and other necessary accessories, as well as enjoy diving excursions to the reefs), snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, ride a boat or jeep, tennis, archery.
  • Sightseeing: a variety of programs include a visit to the Coloured Canyon, Islands of the Pharaohs (here is the fortress of Salah El-Din and museum), Zaman Castle (where you can spend the whole day - swim in the pool, enjoy the medieval way of life, to try for dinner delicious dishes that will cook for you in the stone oven or over an open fire), the reserve of Ras Mohamed. Besides relaxing on the Sinai Peninsula, you will be able to go on excursions to Mount Moses and St. Catherine's Monastery.

Prices for tours to Taba

Vacationing in Taba all year round, but the besttime to travel to the Egyptian resort considered in May and autumn months. It is worth noting that at this time sold more expensive tours. To acquire more profitable for the price of tours in Tabu is worth visiting in the winter (except for - holidays) when the season begins winds, and in the summer (the air is heated up to + 40˚ C and above).

On a note!

Since Taba is located near the borderarea, always with them must have a passport. The resort should not photograph military installations and government buildings, as well as travel around the surrounding area of ​​the city is not a part of tour groups.

Swim expedient in special slippers,because corals may be very close to the shore (vacationers traveling to Taba with children, it is advisable to choose the hotel carefully, because not all of them have a sandy area for swimming with the kids).

Seasoned travelers are advised to bring water pipes from Taba, basalt statues, tea, jewelry, papyrus, carpets, spices, coffee, oil, cosmetics and perfumes.

Photos holiday in Taba

  • Holidays in Taba
  • Holidays in Taba
  • Holidays in Taba

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