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Features Egypt

Features Egypt

Most tourists Egypt implies hiswhite sand beaches, mysterious pyramids and a unique flavor. Holidays are like a perpetual holiday. Coming here, it is worth remembering that this is a country with its own rules and traditions. It is therefore necessary to consider all the national peculiarities of Egypt.

The character and manners

Egyptians have long been accustomed to a constant flowtourists in their own country, so treat them quite friendly. Also they are very emotional. When meeting a local resident could easily shake hands, but allow more intimate contact is not necessary. They may see this as an invitation to continue the relationship.

All guests in Egypt has traditionally offered a cuptea, so that the refusal to treat at least be regarded as disrespect. For women in this country special treatment, they all wear closed clothes, and do not allow themselves liberties in dealing with men. All his life the Egyptian govern laws of Islam and it is also necessary to take into account in dealing with them.

Begging is considered usual in this countrybusiness, as well you can bargain - it is local tradition, so commodity prices are always a bit too high. More Egyptians are not very punctual, can safely be late for a meeting, unless, of course, it is not a business.


Egyptian cuisine is as hot and spicy asall Arab cuisine. Pork then do not eat for religious reasons, but the popular seafood, vegetables, herbs, milk and cereals. There is quite a wide range of different sauces and gravies. Traditional dishes are: Fulya (boiled beans); felyafili (meatballs of beans); cad mahshi (pigeon stuffed with rice); sweater (sausages of minced meat).

From fish dishes like the Egyptians Tagin. So called seafood dish, baked in a pot. In addition, they make stunning desserts and pastries, especially like rice pudding with candied fruit. Since the locals do not drink alcohol, they are happy to sell it to tourists. The traditional drink is wine from grapes and rose petals, as well as Egyptian beer.

Probably the most recognizable drink East - iscoffee, and in Egypt it is very popular. Coffee is usually fed three types, depending on the amount of sugar, and it has a water bottle. Love here and tea from the Sudanese rose. Another Egyptian national drink is cane juice. It's pretty sweet and mixed with other juices.


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