Holidays in Egypt in July: prices and weather. Where to rest in Egypt in July

Holidays in Egypt in July

Holidays in Egypt in July

It has long been proven tourist destination,despite the high temperatures, still attracts romantics desert for a meeting with a dream. Who pamper tired body into the blessed water in a hurry on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. Others find a chic haven on the Red Sea.

This holiday in Egypt in July - a fullthe bliss of receiving sun and sea bathing on the beaches, an amazing trip to the world-class shrines, a photo shoot on a background of endless desert and majestic pyramids.

Weather in Greece

It is not clear why tourists from Europe are selected in Julyfor trips on holiday in Egypt, when the day and night temperatures are at their peak. The degree of heating the air reaches +45 ° C, and an average of +30 ° C .. + 35 ° C. Water in the Mediterranean Sea +25 ° C, in red on a couple of degrees warmer. But there are stronger winds, which carry at least some semblance of coolness. The rains have gone to the other shore, and are not going to go back to Egypt.

City living

On planet Earth, there are many iconic places,some of them are in Egypt. The focus of many tourists is the Luxor, near which is an amazing place. The right bank of the Nile is known as the City of the living, the left bank, respectively, the city of the dead. Each of them has a wonderful monuments and buildings.

The main attractions of the City liveconsidered Luxor and Karnak temple complexes. It is terrible to imagine that in ancient times they were joined alley, which stood 365 sphinxes. Total alley has not been preserved, however, the Egyptians put effort to restore it.

Luxor temple is full of mysteries, many of the Pharaohscontributed to the construction of this beautiful architectural structures. Many times have not kept, but the remnants of former greatness amazes tourists, for example, two statues of Ramses II and obelisk, made of pink granite.

Karnak temple complex - the pride of the Egyptians,this place is persistently holding second place in popularity among tourists (the first, of course, the pyramid). The temple consists of three parts, each of which is devoted to one or another Egyptian deity. For the construction of this architectural masterpiece put hands many rulers of the country.

City of dead

Equally known for its scale and the embodimentArchitectural thought the town, situated on the left bank of the Nile. The main focus of all visitors are attracted Hatshepsut temple, which is considered sacred of the sacred.

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  • Holidays in Egypt in July
  • Holidays in Egypt in July

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