Holidays in Egypt in October: prices and weather. Where to rest in Egypt in October

Holidays in Egypt in October

Holidays in Egypt in October

Transfer of the main attractions of thisNorth African countries may take more than one is a tourist guide. It knows anyone who has bought a ticket to Egypt and going to enjoy the sun, sea, history, culture, in general, all. Holidays in Egypt in October to meet almost all the desires of the tourist, and, in addition, will leave pleasant memories and a lot of photos.

Weather in Egypt in October

This is a time conducive to rest and adultstourist, and child and elderly person. The water temperature remains on the September level, + 26-27 ° C, the air is now warming up only to +28 ° C. Sunny days continue to delight.

Home country pyramid

It offers a lot of traveling to Egypta wide variety of attractions. But in different lists first position will take the famous pyramids, and the biggest of them is connected with the name of the Pharaoh Cheops. Until now, scientists are struggling with the mysteries that have left the ancient architects and tourists try not to break the head, but just admire the hitherto unprecedented spectacle.

Pyramids are located in Giza district of Cairo, in addition toThey are here, there are other historical monuments, such as the temple of the dead, small pyramids, which were buried earlier wives Pharaohs and high-ranking officials. Tourists are very fond of shooting on the background of the majestic structures. Many photographs in albums tourists can see the Great Sphinx.

Egyptians are trying to diversify the leisure tourist. Light show, which recently began to carry out the Pyramids, attracts crowds of tourists.

army Day

The most famous army in Egypt - it's employeesService sector working in resorts, hotels and beaches, museums and spas. The learning process seriously, actions brought to automatism. The goal - the conquest of the hearts of tourists.

But on October 6 in the country are publicevents dedicated to the Day of the army of Egypt, which helped in the fight for independence. Now residents of this country are ready to obey only the guests who come here to exclusively peaceful purposes.

Egyptian New Year

Preparation for New Year's on the red carpetAH Egyptians begin well, and it will have to calculate the date. The main thing is to wait for the holy month, called Muharram, the first day it is the most important. Join the celebration and feel all its solemnity, tourists will be able Muslim. The rest expect familiarity with the traditions and customs.

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Photos holidays in Egypt

  • Holidays in Egypt in October
  • Holidays in Egypt in October

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