Holidays in Egypt - tradition. National holidays in Egypt

Egypt Holidays

Egypt Holidays

Many holidays are celebrated in Egypt underwith traditional age-old traditions, and the Egyptians, regardless of their religious beliefs, is not alien to the celebration of both Muslim and Christian holidays.

Holidays and Festivals Egypt

  • Zham en-Nessim: on that day the Egyptians put on the table the special dish of salt fish - "fesih" (salted fish and leave to marinate for a few months), and many families go on picnics in the nature, eat a lot of sweets, present each other with flowers and small gifts.
  • Sun Festival at Abu Simbel (Feb. 22 and 22October 2015): for tourists in honor of the holiday celebrations are held, accompanied by singing and dancing, laser shows and costumed performance. As for the locals, they are not averse to act as guides and interpreters for the tourists.
  • Coptic Christmas (Egyptians, professingChristianity, are Copts): Holiday (7 January) is accompanied by solemn divine services and godparents moves. Pilgrims coming to Egypt at this time prefer to visit the holy places - the church of St. Sergius, St. Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai. But Coptic Christmas - is not only a religious event: in honor of the holiday made to gather plenty of table on which there are meat dishes and sweets, as well as to take part in national holidays.
  • Spill the Nile (August): despite the fact that today is not the Nile overflows due to built in 1971. Aswan High Dam, the Egyptians still celebrate this event over 15 days, which is accompanied by sports competitions in rowing, swimming and windsurfing, flower exhibitions, festive performances.

Tourism Events in Egypt

As part of the event of the tour you will be offered to takeparticipated in the celebration of various events. For example, visit the Luxor during the celebrations of Abu al-Haggag. For two days, here are organized street shows with dancing and singing, horse racing and cane fighting under the drum music. In addition, everyone can see the Luxor hits.

If you decide to come to Egypt on New Year's Eve, youRelax from frost and slush and soak up the African sun (many swimming in the sea). It should be noted that in December and January at the Egyptian resorts festive atmosphere reigns - in the shopping center and hotel complex lit illumination and decorate the room with artificial fir or thuja. Despite the fact that the Egyptians celebrate the New Year in September, for the tourists in hotels organize special entertainment programs - you will be glad to belly dancing and all kinds of performances.

Glory to Egypt brought not only ancient artifacts, but also fun events, in celebration of which offer numerous guests to take part of the country.


  • Egypt Holidays
  • Egypt Holidays
  • Egypt Holidays

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