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Railroads Egypt

Railroads Egypt

Railroads in Egypt under the control ofMinistry of Transport and other government agencies. Developed railway network is located in Cairo and suburban areas. It also covers the villages along the banks of the Nile.

Egyptian Transport system is not the besttimes and in need of modernization. The decline in the transport sphere hampers economic development. The government is actively attracting deposits from banks and companies. Many of the projects are expected to be realized in the form of a partnership of individuals and the state. It is planned to link Cairo with the main resorts and ports of the country.

State Railways

In the transport sector in Egypt first placegiven to airlines. According to him there is local and international connections. Domestic air travel is expensive, and the level of service leaves much to be desired. For these reasons, the Egyptians and foreign air transportation Egypt not popular. One of the best ways to get from one town to the other is the train. They allow you to inexpensively and comfortably get to your city. Train - this is the most reliable Egyptian transport. Egypt train system is considered the oldest in the Middle East. The first branch was opened 150 years ago, connecting Kafr Issa Alexandria.

Railways pass through the Delta and the Nile Valley,on the Sinai Peninsula, the Mediterranean and Red seas. The main branch is about 480 km long and stretches between Aswan and Alexandria. The owner of the rail system, the company is today the Egyptian National Railways. The disadvantage of the system is the poor technical condition of tracks, locomotives and wagons. At the same time, the train is the most economical means of transportation in the country.

Terms and conditions for the passage of passengers

The inhabitants of the Nile Valley to actively use the services ofthe railway sector. View routes and tickets are available at ticket.turistua.com site. Egyptians prefer to occupy a place to sleep in the first class. Therefore tourists usually gets the sleeper luxury, which is expensive. You can buy tickets directly in the train from the conductor. But in this case there is a risk that there will be empty seats in the car. Tickets for the luxury places at a cost close to the price of air tickets the same direction. The ticket price includes food. Trains in Egypt ply not punctual. So the timetable is considered to be indicative. Strictly scheduled runs only the elite part of Abela, who moved from Cairo to Aswan.


  • Railroads Egypt
  • Railroads Egypt

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