The national drink of Egypt. Alcohol in Egypt, prices, export, the export rate of alcohol

Egypt Drinks

Egypt Drinks

Egypt is not accidentally called modernAll-Russian health resort. The country annually receives thousands of tourists, offering not only a great opportunity for a beach holiday, fun diving, sightseeing excursion, but also familiarity with millennial traditions in gastronomy and wine. Drinks Egypt - alcoholic or non-alcoholic - the constant attribute of any everyday and holiday meal.

Egypt Alcohol

For countries with Muslim religioustraditions characterized by some restrictions in circulation of alcoholic beverages. Egypt - is no exception and therefore you should avoid drinking alcohol on the streets and in public places. Entry into the country is allowed no more than a liter of spirits for each guest, and the export of Egyptian customs regulations are not regulated. However, the spirits of Egypt - not the most popular souvenir for bored at home for friends and colleagues, if not one of them would be the true collectors and connoisseurs. For them you can buy red wine "Pharaoh" or white - "Nefertiti", which are quite appreciated by a sommelier. Price of the issue is not more than 8 euros (as of end 2013).

The national drink of Egypt

Besides the pyramids and papyrus in the country of the Pharaohsthere is another point of interest, to meet which can be anywhere from a cafe at the airport. Chief of Egypt's national drink, no doubt - the tea hibiscus, made from hibiscus flowers. Called otherwise Sudanese rose, this plant gives Egyptians the main beverage, which rescues from thirst in the heat, gives strength, contains a whole bunch of vitamins and healing properties and is revered by many generations of descendants of the pharaohs. The main medicinal effects of hibiscus are well known to his lover:

  • Tea strengthens blood vessels, making them less permeable wall.
  • Karkade contains antioxidants and slows the aging process.
  • Sudanese rose decoction helps to reduce the temperature and has an antispasmodic effect.
  • A large amount of vitamin C in the petals of hibiscus allows the beverage as a prophylactic agent and immunomodeliruyuschego.

Egyptians offer guests two options hibiscus - hot and cold, and the amount of sugar can vary, depending on the guest's preferences.

Alcohol Egypt

Most alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed in Egypteven on the "buffet" in every hotel, let alone access to the city and dinner in a restaurant in the resort of any country will be exciting and memorable event for a long time for any traveler.


  • Egypt Drinks
  • Egypt Drinks
  • Egypt Drinks

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