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Rent a Car in Egypt

Rent a Car in Egypt

To rent a car in Egypt, you will need:

  • Driver's license (can be domestic, but better IDP);
  • The current Egyptian visa, which covers the period of the rental car;
  • A copy of the passport, and it is better if the passports and your companions.

There you can rent a car or for a day,or a week or a month. From the model of the car, as well as the year of its release it depends on how much you will pay for his rent. Price ranges from $ 30 to $ 100 per day.

Mileage is limited for daily rent, per day is available only 150 km, while for each kilometer in excess of the surcharge will be added.

The car you've rented, willfully insured, but you should double-check everything, to ask the documents, that is, to show his scruples, then made according to the rules for you all. As in Egypt, there are cases of fraud, it is better to address in a decent salon.

Where to go for cars in Egypt

When you got to rent a car inthe best time to go to a paid vacation or a well-maintained beach, or to start sightseeing. This contributes to the long history of Egypt. Here it is in every stone. You will see firsthand the ancient pyramid-colossi, which are not seen in the pictures. The dry wind blew the ruins of ancient temples. Every now and then there are the ghosts of the past in the way of the gods of ancient Egyptian statues, obelisks different pharaohs. Though they are carved out of stone, but seemed filled with the breath of life.

Cairo is literally packed with ancient monuments. There is a beautiful mosque of Mohammed Ali and Sultan Kalauna, beside which rise lacy minarets.

The ancient city of Luxor Museum, Thebes - the capital of ancient Egypt. All of the sights in one day visit is difficult.

In Greece, you can plunge into the world of Alexandria. But Sinai is not only famous for its Pied canyon hot springs. Here you can, along with numerous pilgrims go to the very spot where he received his intimate knowledge of God, Moses.

If you are tired of viewing ancient structures,then visit the picturesque oases of Egypt. There are an oasis of Bahariya who appeared there, where hot springs are beaten. Surprisingly, in a hot country, there are places where it is constantly warmed by the earth itself from the inside.

But there is such a unique artesian spring,as the "Baths of Aphrodite". He created a popular oasis of Kharga. Here there are the ruins of ancient buildings - the temple of Ibis, the temple of Amun and Muta, as well as the necropolis of El Bagavat.

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