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Tourism in Egypt

Tourism in Egypt

Sunny and bright, filled with turquoise and seasky, golden sand beaches and the variety of colors of eastern markets, Egypt has been for many years the dream and the reality of millions of tourists from all over the world. There are experts in holiday and know how to organize it so wanted to return here.

In addition to beach recreation, educational tourism inEgypt occupies the second place in popularity thanks to spectacular preserved buildings of the ancient Egyptians, the longest river in the world, cruises which are included in the compulsory program every other guest countries and the rich underwater world, collect divers crowd.

Egyptian danger

Each tourist arriving in Egypt shouldtake care of their security. Do not provoke the hot local men very short skirts and tops. It is particularly attentive to the choice of clothes when walking around the city or sightseeing trip.

Theft, unfortunately, is another problem that is often faced by tourists of all stripes. Safe in the hotel will help to keep finances and jewelry.

In order not to get sick and do not get problems with the digestive tract in no case can not drink water from the tap water, only bottled or boiled.

Beaches for all tastes

When choosing a tour to Egypt is necessaryto consult on what beaches are in the place to rest. The difference between sand, shareware sand and pebble beaches, definitely big.

Especially this question should take touriststraveling for a vacation with children. Not every child will like the bottom, covered with sharp coral reefs, where you can just swim and then obuvshis in special rubber slippers. But the water in places more transparent and you can see beautiful colorful fish, coral thickets and weird sea underwater plants.

Egypt - mysteries of the history

By choosing this beautiful country for a vacation, you need to find a local guided tour:

  • cruise on the Nile, which will assess the infinity and majesty of the water flow and found the path of the ancient places of worship;
  • journey through the catacombs of Alexandria, where a magnificent tomb is preserved and the hall, which held the funeral celebration;
  • familiarity with the grandiose pyramids, the most brilliant creations of human hands.

In what would be Egypt or the region proved to be a traveler, he will always find the amazing beauty of the place, strange plants and the fruits of labor of the ancient Egyptians.

Practical Tourism: Egypt


  • Tourism in Egypt
  • Tourism in Egypt
  • Tourism in Egypt

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