Tours in El Gouna (Egypt). Holidays in El Gouna: photo, trips

Tours in El Gouna

Tours in El Gouna

This Egyptian resort is informal andvery romantic name "Pearl of the Red Sea", and in the narrow circles among those who do not want to dive and sunbathe in any other place, he is known as "Venice in the sand." Such unusual epithets of El Gouna was honored for special exotics infrastructure. Everything at the resort is located on artificial islands, between which on the man-made canals boats quietly glide. Tours in El Gouna are particularly fond of Europeans, but among German and Dutch voice increasingly heard and Russian speaking.

History and geography

Participants of tours in El Gouna can useservices of Hurghada International Airport, because the resort is located 22 kilometers north of its terminals. El Gouna - the brainchild of Egyptian nouveau riche Sami Sawiris, who in 1990 decided to build a fabulous city on the islands. Guests of El Gouna there are all conditions for a relaxing and romantic holiday. The beaches at the resort is very well maintained hotel - comfortable, but as a nice extra here broken golf courses and marinas are built.

All I carry with myself

Participants of the tour in El Gouna can appreciate comfortthe local recreation from the first minutes of stay at the resort. It has not only its own golf course and tennis school, but also to the Christian church, an aquarium, a stable, post office, and even Historical Museum, which contains replicas of all the famous treasures of ancient Egypt.
Sandy beaches in the resort and very comfortable forfamilies with children. Log into the water everywhere gentle and dangerous currents here does not happen in any season. For the needs of guests the resort has its own medical clinic, where, among other services, you can consult a beautician, nutritionist and expert on healthy lifestyles.

Briefly about the importance

  • The hottest month in the resort on the Egyptiantraditions - this August. In late summer the temperature often surpasses even 40. Most pleasant vacation at the resort in May or October, though some prefer to book tours in El Gouna, even at late autumn.
  • The creators of the resort are admirable, becauseEl Gouna is the most eco-friendly city on the Red Sea coast. Among the projects in El Gouna - an independent implementation of garbage recycling programs, seawater desalination and waste overwork.


  • Tours in El Gouna
  • Tours in El Gouna

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