Trip to Egypt

Trip to Egypt

Trip to Egypt

Russians have long been chosen by the snake and Egyptian resorts gladly put the country all year round. But a comfortable trip to Egypt will be only in the case if you know what to move around the country.


The main railway hub of the country is Cairo, which is the main station of all the Egyptians - Ramses. Passenger trains depart from here, and in the northern and southern parts of the country.
Trains that run on tracks of Egypt, there are three categories of comfort:

  • Turbini;
  • Express;
  • Ordinary

The carriages of the first and second grade haveexclusively Turbini and Express type trains. In the first class, you expect a compartment for two personal air conditioning. The second class - it also offers air-conditioning, but it is common carriage to conventional soft seats.
Ordinary - the third class, reminiscent of our trains. It is used exclusively local poor. In addition, this class carriages are always crowded.


Bus - the most common and cheapest way to travel around the country. Bus routes are practically in all cities of the country.
Between the cities buses ply today. At the same time they are pretty well equipped. They have TV, air-conditioning is carried out, and the trip itself takes place in a comfortable padded seat. Directly in the bus there is a toilet and a snack bar.


Roads in Egypt excellence. Lots of road, which provides a one-way type of movement, allow speeds of up to 120km / h. Since the country is simply bathed in the sun, its rays are used to recharge the solar batteries. It is this energy and goes on night illumination of road signs in the most important areas of the motorway, therefore miss the mark a dangerous turn or the next exit on the freeway will not work.
It is important to remember that the country has taken one-way traffic, so the signs are made in accordance with this feature. But compliance with the rules - this is not about Egyptian drivers.
Special complexity of our compatriotsoccur on roads with a circular motion. In Egypt, the main thing is just a circular motion and machine exiting the adjacent tracks must pass the car, moving in a circle.
In this case, if you make a maneuver by no meansit turns out, you should use the following trick. Display drivers folded fingers pinch and upward. So this gesture as follows: "Do not hurry, I'm in a hurry. If you do not hurry, you miss it. "

River and sea transport

In the Nile between the cities of the country there. The only thing you can offer - ride on a cruise ship, equipped in a five-star hotel. In Cairo, you can dine in a floating restaurant.
You can send them straight to Hurghada SharmEl Sheikh on the fast ferry. And no harm will know that between the ports of the country, located in the Mediterranean Sea, the regular sea links with other countries is not available.

Practical Tourism: Egypt


  • Trip to Egypt
  • Trip to Egypt

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