Tours in Tallinn (Estonia). Rest in Tallinn: photo, trips

Tours in Tallinn

Tours in Tallinn

For fans of pleasant travel Estoniancapital in the recommendations does not need, and therefore choose tours to Tallinn and romance, and antiques researchers and lovers of stylish recreation for good price. In the city of monuments and develop handicrafts carefully preserved, thus guaranteeing the appearance of beautiful photos in albums and lovely souvenirs in the collections of friends and colleagues.

History and geography

At the beginning of the twelfth century mention of Tallinnwritten sources, the author of geographic labor advocates Arab traveler Al-Idrisi. He drew attention to that little Tallinn like a fortress, but has at the same time a large harbor capable of receiving different court. The Estonian capital today - a major freight and passenger port, where many cruises start in Scandinavia and Europe.

There is no bad weather

Despite the proximity to the sea and only the northerncoordinates, the Estonian capital has to offer its guests a comfortable enough weather in any season. Summers are quite warm and the temperature values ​​in July, often reaching 25 degrees. In winter, there are light frosts, but for New Year tours in Tallinn is more dignity. Most precipitation falls in July-October, and in spring is usually a dry, cool, but very comfortable for walking.
Going on tour in Tallinn, should not be reserved purged jacket and comfortable shoes, then no winds and long trips will not stop to enjoy the local attractions.

Briefly about the importance

  • Direct flights from Moscow and Peter comes inInternational Airport, located just four kilometers from the city center. From the northern capital of Russia to the Estonian capital, you can get on the bus. Tallinn Central Bus Station is within walking distance of the central quarters. For those who arrive in Tallinn by ferry, launched a free bus route connecting the port terminals to the shopping centers in the city.
  • Ferry - the most popular form of transport linking Tallinn with Helsinki, St Petersburg, Stockholm and Rostock. Travel to the capital of Finland takes no more than one and a half hours.
  • If the tour is scheduled to take in Tallinncar rental, it is worth to consider the route of travel and advance to find a parking space. With them in the capital of Estonia there is a tense situation, and parking services cost depends on the area where you plan to leave the car.


  • Tours in Tallinn
  • Tours in Tallinn

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