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Christmas in Tartu

Christmas in Tartu

Anyone who decides to celebrate Christmas in Tartu, will wait for interesting performances and exhibitions, street dance festival and Christmas market.

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Tartu

By the end of November in Tartu are preparing for the Christmas meeting - installed and decorated Christmas tree in the window - exhibited Advent candles, and food establishments menu, you can find Christmas dishes.

On the eve of the Estonians readChristmas prayers. As for the Christmas feast, it is not without exhibiting on the table sauerkraut, pork, blood sausage and homemade beer. But for tourists gala dinner can be organized in the restaurant "Vilde Lokaal".

Entertainment and celebrations in Tartu

In December (Sunday) it is advisable tovisit the Town Hall Square, to see how light the Advent candles, listen to children's groups and choirs of Tartu, take part in workshops and other events. And in the 10 museums of Tartu wishing to offer their own hands make crafts and toys for Christmas.

20-21 December Tartu residents and visitors can visit the discotheque (disco Christmas gnomes) - it will be held in Tartu school of young DJs (venue - Town Hall Square).

In the Christmas period to visit St. John's Church to attend the Advent concert.

In late December, with children it is recommended to lookTartu Toy Museum in the exhibition "Christmas in reverse": here you can look at the dolls living in the toy room where the furniture overturned and ate. And if you want good Christmas word can be written on the wall of Christmas wishes (it is included in the exposition).

Visiting scientific and educational center "AXXAA", inyou and your children will have the opportunity to visit the interactive presentation "Christmas gnome test": you will see the gnome lights decorate a room without electricity, organizing fireworks or he will disappear for a few seconds in the fog clubs.

Those interested can visit the center of Tartu Naitused - in December (the date it is advisable to clarify in advance) its fair hall is transformed into a Christmas world with animals show.

Christmas markets in Tartu

Christmas market takes place in TartuTown Hall Square, where you can buy Christmas gifts and crafts - creations of artisans and enjoy Estonian Christmas dishes in the form of sauerkraut, ginger bread and warming drinks.

If you do not mind a bit of a ride, you canto go to the Christmas market Alatskivi castle - you can get handmade creations in the form of warm and practical things. For guests there are guided tours of the castle, and artists cheer up his art.


  • Christmas in Tartu
  • Christmas in Tartu
  • Christmas in Tartu

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