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Education in Estonia

Education in Estonia

Estonia - the Baltic state, whichfamous for its technologically advanced, the widespread availability of the Internet (many operations are performed here a few clicks of the mouse) and high-quality education, which is based on the new information technologies.

The benefits of education in Estonia:

  • The ability to get a European education and a diploma, has recognized in the European Union;
  • Ability to learn for free and receive a scholarship;
  • Estonian education is excellent value for money;
  • Passage of practice and training.

Higher education in Estonia

Admission to the Estonian university is possible on the basis ofsecondary education. In addition, you must pass exams to obtain a certificate of academic qualifications by ENIC / NARIC system and pass a test in a foreign language (it all depends on whether the language of instruction will choose a future entrant).

Go to college or vocationalCollege graduates will receive a diploma of higher professional education. The basis of the training workshops is up, so these schools produce practitioners.

Having entered the university, graduates will receiveacademic education, as well as a bachelor's degree (3-4 years) or a Master's degree (+ 2-year training). And getting education in such subjects as medicine, architecture, farm, students have to study at least 6 years.

Practically all Estonian universities providetraining in the Estonian language, so it is advisable to use before entering the preparatory language programs. Despite the fact that some universities offer students use educational programs in English, it's worth to learn Estonian in order to enjoy a full daily life.

You can enroll in Tallinn University (thenstudying social sciences and humanities): Training is conducted in English. If you wish to start their training at the university can be in Russian, gradually moving into Estonian. Wishes to explore the technical and engineering disciplines, as well as business and international relations, can enroll in the Tallinn University of Technology.

Business education is available from the Estonian Business School and Mainor Business School (they are private universities).

Working while studying

Foreign students are allowed to work during their studies (20-25 hours per week), which means that everyone will be able to pay part of their studies.

After receiving an Estonian diploma, you will be able to immigrate to Estonia and no problem finding a job.

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  • Education in Estonia
  • Education in Estonia
  • Education in Estonia
  • Education in Estonia
  • Education in Estonia

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