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Features Estonia

Features Estonia

Despite the fact that Estonia is close toAnd Russia is considered to be understandable and close to many here all the crowds going well. In this small country together so many attractions, and here is the great service that all the rest of it in delight. What are the national characteristics of Estonia need to know to spend your time well?

National features

Everyone knows that the Estonians are very calm anddiscreet people. And this is actually true. They are very friendly to tourists. Locals never behave arrogantly or improper, and, of course, perfectly fluent in Russian and English.

In general, there is quite a big difference intemperament between Russian and Estonian. It is felt, for example, that Estonians are very sensitive to personal space and prefer to live on farms. Also, they are not particularly fond of the city and apartment living in them solely because of work. Even in Estonia a lot of singing. There is a national pastime, and therefore carried out a number of different concerts and festivals.


Many Estonian cuisine reminiscent of Russian, Polish and German, but it is in this country and its delicious tradition. These dishes include:

  • syyr (a dish of cottage cheese);
  • suitsukala (smoked trout);
  • piparkook (turnip porridge);
  • verevest (blood sausage).

All the local cuisine is very satisfying and calorie. In the preparation of cereals are mainly used, fish, milk, bread and pork. Estonians adore soups, especially in the milk, and fish. It boiled, salted and smoked. Surprise and various combination of products, for example, herring with sour cream or cottage cheese with anchovies. In addition, the Estonian cuisine is very little fried, almost all cooked in water or steamed. Condiments and spices are not particularly fond of, eat only onion, cumin, parsley and dill, but a lot of different sauces. The most well-known Estonian dish - is Kama. It is a mixture of flour, milk and barley seeds and oats.

Especially popular in Estonia enjoys chocolate. It is made with nuts and mint, liquor, coffee filling. In general, Estonian desserts - a separate conversation. That there is only jam of onions and honey and pepper biscuits, to which is added black pepper and ginger. Or well-known Estonian marzipan. As for drinks, the locals prefer beer, liqueurs and heegveyn, ie mulled wine.


  • Features Estonia
  • Features Estonia
  • Features Estonia

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